What is the best 10% CBD oil in the UK (Our honest thoughts)


From our experience, and from speaking to lots of businesses and people, it seems as though the most popular CBD products are the 10% / 1000mg CBD oils. It seems as though the CBD oil 10% ranges are what works best of thousands of people across the UK.

While there are thousands of options out there for you, we have tried and tested quite a few mid-range CBD oils. Our criteria is an oil of quality, a company with ethics and value for money. The last thing you want to be doing is paying through the nose for an average oil, or buying something rubbish! So here is our list of the best 10% CBD oils from the UK!


Fantastic 10% CBD Oil & Money goes to CALMzone (mental health charity).

The top spot for the best 10% CBD oil goes to CBDiablo

There are a few reasons for this choice- this is getting rave reviews online, it is produced using the whole plant and is value for money- not to mention that the company give 20% of their company profits to support mental health in the UK. We tried the CBDiablo oils a long time ago and we still believe that they are up there as some of the best oils on the market. This is still the best 10% CBD oil we have tried. 


  • Value for money for quality
  • Money goes to supporting mental health
  • True Full-Spectrum whole plant oil
  • A brand that you can trust- lab tested & CTA member


  • Strong Hempy taste that some love, but others hate for the lower oils. 
  • Branding can be seen as alienating for some as it isn’t your normal CBD brand. 

Hemp Can Help

Scotlands First CBD Dedicated not for profit Social Enterprise

The fantastic HEMP community shop from Edinburgh does some great work in the CBD world. Dan (the owner) is very knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated to improving the lives of those around him using the benefits of Cannabis. 

Hemp have sourced their own 10% CBD oils which are Lab tested and organic. Dan is very, very knowledgeable, so if he has been happy enough to put his name on the oil, you know it must be as good as it gets. Not only that, but the oils comes in at a very competitive price tag and every cent of profit made from this product goes back into building something positive


  • 100% of profits go into building something positive
  • Fantastic quality oils at a great price
  • Clean and light taste
  • Broad Spectrum


  • Only 5% & 10% available for this brand 🙁 


10% CBD Hemp Oil

Cannadonia is certainly one of the most popular of our list of 10% CBD oils- particularly in the west so Scotland, where the company originate. 

The CBD oils that Cannadonia supply have a brilliant brand & design. We have had a look at the 10% CBD oil’s lab-reports and it was quite hard to see what was actually in the bottle. There are two main sections for ‘CBD’ and ‘THC’ and a tiny, tiny graph that is impossible to see. 

The definition of ‘Full Spectrum’ is often up for debate, but the products do not contain THC and the cannabinoid graph is too hard to see to suggest it contains anything else. We would say down to its refined appearance and the fact that it doesn’t contain THC, we would suggest it isn’t actually ‘full-spectrum’ in the truest sense of the words.


  • Great Branding
  • Light Tasting and Easy to Consume
  • Cost Effective


  • Very Standard with no real Unique Features
  • Branded as ‘Full-spectrum’ but does not contain THC? 

Cibdol CBD Oil 10%

10% CBD Hemp Oil

We have more recently tried the Cibdol CBD oil 10% range- which you may find surprising as they have been around since the very beginning of the CBD industry, and are one of the biggest CBD companies in the world.

Cibdol are a Swiss company and offer something quite special- they brand themselves as producing the purest CBD oils on the market, which could be true. They use an olive oil base with Co2 extracted cannabinoids which is quite traditional for european CBD oils. It does make this 10% CBD oil different and more interesting- compared to the refined hemp oils.

The one main issue that we have here is that this is clearly a refined CBD oil and brands itself as ‘THC free’ and ‘Full-spectrum’ together. An oil must be one or the other- it is impossible to be both. The oil is NOT full-spectrum – at very, very best it is a broad spectrum CBD oil but that would be close. Looking at the lab report the oil contains less than 0.03% of any other cannabinoids and 10.6% CBD content- it is closer to an isolated CBD product rather than anything else.


  • Refined and Pure
  • Light tasting
  • Olive Oil blend


  • Branded as full-spectrum but it is a broad spectrum at best.