Vitality CBD vitamin tablets review (worth trying?)

Vitality CBD vitamins

we think so!

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Updated October 25th 2021

We've reviewed Vitality CBD in-depth on our website previously, but there was one product we tried from this brand that really piqued our interest - the CBD vitamins. We're always a little skeptical of products that try to cram too much into 1 thing, but Vitality CBD have a good reputation as a brand so we thought we'd give them a shot.

What are the positives of the Vitality CBD vitamins?

Firstly, we really like the bang for your buck you get with these tablets. Check out the back of the bottle (pictured) - not only does each tablet contain 10mg of CBD, they also contain nutrients such as Vitamin B6, Magnesium and Hop Extract. It's great to know that there is so much goodness in each tablet. We also like the price, at least the price we paid. This bottle of 30 tablets cost us around £10, which is. a great price for so much goodness. 
Vitality CBD vitamins label

What are the negatives of the Vitality CBD vitamins?

The main negative we have with these tablets from Vitality CBD is that there is little information about the CBD. On the back of the bottle they're listed as no THC (pictured), but that could mean they're either broad spectrum or isolate, and there is a big difference between the 2. Also, we're not too keen on the texture of the tablets. They taste a little bit like paracetamol which sticks in the throat. 

Anything else to mention?

Yes, very strangely you can't actually buy this product via the Vitality CBD website. For some reason, the vitamin products such as these tablets aren't listed on there. So we had to order them from Llloyds Pharmacy (pictured). This wasn't such a hassle but we just found it a little weird.

Vitality CBD Lloyds pharmacy

In Conclusion

So overall we actually really liked these tablets and have happily added them to our daily routine.


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