The Problem with UK Cali Weed

Weed is growing arms, legs, shoulders and feet. The UK’s appetite for the humble cannabis plant is outstripping demand, and people want the best. Where does the best come from? California of course.

UK Cali (and Cali weed bags) is one of the biggest cannabis trends we have seen and it’s shifting the landscape of how cannabis is some here for good. Long past are the days of picking up a couple of grams of branchy-ass bud in a clear plastic baggie. I have even had to stick it raw in my jacket pocket once. True story.

We’ve noticed that cannabis has been taken up a notch. Now you can buy real cali weed in the UK from your local dealer. Real cali, real strains in a real heat-sealed cali weed bag. Imported directly from the big CA itself. Or so you thought.

The branding, designs and packaging look almost identical to those produced in the USA and what is in the bag may actually be something completely different.

What is the problem with UK cali and why should you avoid it?


What is the Problem with Cali Weed (And Cali Weed Bags)

The problem with UK Cali weed is the same as with Chuckles Gummies – what you’re buying is the packaging and potentially not the cannabis.

What cannabis has suffered from in the UK is the overwhelming presence of organised gangs and the criminal underworld. All about money and zero creativity. In contrast, the community in California has been allowed to flourish, a ‘middle-class’ userbase has matured and cannabis use has entered into the mainstream. Unfortunately, most non-cannabis smokers still see violent drill videos and masked up gangs holding blades.

While there is nothing wrong with a bit of character, for most people who smoke weed, it isn’t a good look.

The perception of Californian cannabis is also that it is a premium product. The cultivation, genetics and culture are superior to what we have in the UK and most of the biggest strains in the world are from that part of the world. So where UK weed used to be (clear plastic bags and dodgy street corners) is now heading to somewhere that looks similar to Cali weed.

There is an issue though: are you really getting a product that has been imported from the USA?

Chances are, the answer is, no. It is a well-known fact that you can purchase heat-sealed bags online, or they can be designed and printed with relative ease. Amazon is selling the brand ‘Cookies’ which is spreading across the UK like wildfire. Unknown to the user, what is being sent here is not the product, but the packaging. For many people, this looks like its the real deal, but the sad reality is that dealers can put anything in the bag and sell it at a premium.

The motivation behind this is money. A dealer can push their cannabis for 3 or 4 times the price when it seems as though the product is coming from California. Consumers who are looking for premium buds, and pharmacy quality, are often being conned and cannabis grown in the UK is being mis-sold as cali weed.

UK cali is a huge gamble and there is no sure-fire way of knowing what you have in your hands. For all you know, it isn’t even the strain on the bag… and there is no watchdog or consumer helpline to call and get your money back.


The Future of UK Cali Weed

Thankfully the future of UK cali weed is very bright. While there are a great number of dealers actively misleading consumers, there are some honest folks who sell exactly what they say it is. Some admit that cannabis is grown in the UK, but it is cultivated in such a way that it mimics the quality, terpene content and cannabinoid content of the real deal. Lab reports and everything.

Otherwise, you’ll find that cannabis companies from the USA are making moves to enter the UK market. Cookies has already made a name for itself and blunt makers such as Lobo have moved some of their products here. While a lot of the ‘legit’ products only contain CBD, it is clear that they are promoting their brands to get ready for cannabis legalisation: which is not too far away.



Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK