Chuckles Edibles (Honest Review)

We rarely look at doing reviews of THC rich products because they are currently illegal in the UK. It is true though that it is as easy to get hold of these sweets as it is to get a normal bag of Haribo. THC gummies are everywhere whether the authorities like it or not.

We have come across many THC gummies in our days, but non quite as good as the Chuckles edibles range which seems to be sweeping across the UK like a storm. Apparently, these gummy delights are shared between adults at a dinner party and make the rounds at house parties.

As THC edibles and cannabis, in general, are becoming more normalised, we thought it was time to write a proper review about them and talk a little bit about the dangers facing users right now.

Please note that the THC chuckles edibles are still illegal in the UK. This post is informational only

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Who are Chuckles?

We searched long and hard to find out more about Chuckles, and even scoured the packet for a website or any information about the origin of the sweets. Nothing.

From what it looks like, Chuckles are not a company, they are a brand of street cannabis-infused sweets that have somehow taken the underground cannabis edibles market by storm. While the packets say that the sweets are from the USA, we know that you can easily buy the Chuckles Edibles packets in bulk online (which is also the problem with UK Cali Weed). It means that anybody can be using this brand, and put in any kinds of sweets they wish. It is why there seem to be so many variations.

In honesty, we did not know this at the time of consuming them (a gift from a friend while on a trip to a place where these sweets are legal...) and wished we had known before. This seems to be the case with most THC edibles in the UK where the packaging is generic and open-source so nobody really knows for sure what is being consumed.

Chuckles Gummy Worms Review

If we had known that Chuckles is not a brand and simply generic packaging we would not have consumed these treats so readily.

Regardless, what we tried were the gummy worms. Although there are a few variations (such as peach rings, and rainbow belts) the chuckles gummy worms seem to be the most common in the UK, and most of them are uniform in appearance.

What we got was about 20 multicoloured worms covered in sugar and separated into 4 parts (clearly for dosing). They were quite chunky and each worm apparently contained 40mgs of THC each (That is quite a lot for anybody). We are aware that the appearance of the worms is often different so some variation should be expected.

The stand out aspect of the gummies is the taste. They are actually the best gummies that we have ever tasted. They are sweet, terpy, have a little bit of herbiness to them which is a perfect complement to the sweet sugar. We think the gummies are covered in sugar infused with cannabis because the sugar has a very terpy taste which comes from the THC oil.

A word of warning to anybody who tried the chuckles edibles is that they may be very, very strong (like the ones we had). It is always wise to try a little bit and eat more after half an hour or so. Do not eat lots at once or it could be quite a wild ride. If you have too much, eat some pepper or some CBD gummies to counteract the THC.

As you should now be aware, there is a very good chance that the chuckles gummy worms will be fake or uncontrolled food which could be either harmful or a scam. We would urge anybody searching for chuckles edibles to air on the side of caution and do not take anything without researching them fully. Be very careful and use these gummies with care.


Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK