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Updated November 1st, 2021

The Tonic Tribe are a UK based CBD company. We heard about The Tonic Tribe after seeing their CBD patches, and hearing a bit of buzz about them, so we thought it would be a good idea to conduct a full review of the company. We'll be taking a look at their products, customer service and reviews to determine if they're worth your time and money. Let's get into the review:

If you're looking for the best CBD products in the UK then here is our guide. Otherwise, keep reading.

Who are The Tonic Tribe?

The company was founded by Kate and Michelle in 2017. Both founders had developed a passion for the benefits of CBD after seeing how cannabis products had helped Michelle’s brother Mark deal with his Multiple Sclerosis. Sadly it was pretty hard to find a decent CBD company back in 2017, so the pair decided that they wanted to create a transparent CBD brand focused on offering the best quality products to people who need them.


We love this backstory, and also love how much information there is about The Tonic Tribe on their website. This makes a difference from the majority of brands we review on our website.

What are The Tonic Tribe products like?

We mentioned in our intro that The Tonic Tribe have CBD patches which are pretty awesome, offering 15mg of broad spectrum CBD per patch. We don't typically apply CBD topically, but there is a huge amount of evidence to suggest that we applied topically, CBD can actually be absorbed very effectively by the skin. So CBD patches definitely make sense.
As always, we're most interested in the oils. The Tonic Tribe have a few different oils available, all of which are full spectrum. We're happy to see full spectrum oils on offer as we like to benefit from the entourage effect. We're most interested in the 8% oil as that's around the concentration we use regularly, and it looks pretty awesome and is well priced. Being able to check out the lab reports is also a joy, and something we saw a bit more of in our industry.
Aside from the aforementioned products, The Tonic Tribe also offer tea. We enjoy winding down at the end of the day with CBD tea, so we're happy to see tea within their product range.

What are The Tonic Tribe reviews like?

The Tonic Tribe Trustpilot reviews

The Tonic Tribe collect reviews on Trustpilot, our preferred platform. They're currently sitting with a rating of 4.8 out of 5 from almost 300 reviews. This is a fantastic score and shows they're really committed to their customer service. Aside from praising the quality of the products, reviewers also mention the quick delivery and helpful advice provided by the team. It's also great to see a team member from The Tonic Tribe replying to each review.

Genuine, lovely people, excellent, high-grade products.


A review from the Trustpilot profile for The Tonic Tribe.

The Tonic Tribe review

In Conclusion

Overall we're super impressed! The Tonic Tribe are making big waves in the CBD industry.  Anybody offering full-spectrum products gets a tick in our book, plus it looks like their commitment to good customer service is the cherry on top. Check them out!