The CBD Flower Shop (Honest Review)

While it has been a hard couple of years for businesses selling hemp flowers, there are some who have flourished. Despite the restrictions on social media, forced closures and banking issues some of the best hemp flower producers have hung on and are dominating the CBD market.

We have already covered Hemp Elf & Uncle Herb but for sure one of the biggest is the CBD Flower Shop. So we decided to purchase some CBD flowers and see what all the fuss was about.


Who are the CBD Flower Shop

The CBD flower shop is a connoisseur of hemp flower and tea (which is just basically the buds). They are based in the south of England. There is not very much information about the company online however, they have gained a huge following on Instagram and are regularly featured by cannabis influencers. We found a Facebook profile which looks like it has been removed, and could not find a company profile on Instagram


The Products

The CBD flower shop range is mainly cannabis strain hemp flowers, extracts (like hash), vapes and some CBD oils (from the CBD Brothers).

The laws around hemp flower are still not clear so while it is technically legal, businesses who sell these products face lots of difficultly. Sadly, the flower industry is a mixed bag of poor quality, fake and potentially harmful products. Some have mold on them, some taste chemically and others are simply not what was advertised.

The CBD Flower Shop had been recommended online for being a quality trusted source of CBD flower so we purchased a classic strain (OG Kush) and thought we would put it to the test with a trusty dynavap.

We chose OG Kush as it is a strain we have a lot of experience with and we know it inside out. It is a 50/50 hybrid which means it can have a variety of effects. It is mainly known for a clear-headed high which fades into body relation. If the strain has the correct terpenes, and a good full profile of cannabinoids then we should expect to experience these effects.

Firstly, we chose express delivery and the package arrived the next day. It was nicely packed in and in a smell proof sachet. As soon as you open up the packet the terpenes really hit you. We could smell the earthy, spicy tones of OG Kush which was a great start.

Taking the buds out, they were not the classic Indica shape, but that is to be expected with a hemp flower. Interestingly, the bud was covered in tiny trichomes and had a fresh bright green colour. Even with the trichomes, we didn’t feel a stickiness when breaking the buds – but the aroma was in full force. The bud appeared to be well cured.

This bud was of much better quality than lots of the CBD flower that we had tried before.

While there is something to be said about a joint, we like to test the buds out with a metal vape to get the most out of the flavour and a clean cannabinoid effect. On the exhale the bud had a really nice terpy flavour. We could taste the individual notes of the smoke, spice, diesel and the classic OG funk which lingered around the room. The only issue is there was a slight bitter-grassy aftertaste which you don’t get from the real deal. Otherwise, while it wasn’t quite the real thing, it was as close as you can get. Very impressive!

The effects of the strain were almost immediate. There was a sense of calm, and a really nice body relaxation. For many, the OG can start with a head rush which can be uncomfortable but the CBD variant skips this completely. You can feel a focus and clarity which fades into relaxation.

There are certainly cannabinoids present as after several puffs there we felt a heaviness behind the eyes. This is typical of a strong entourage CBD product.


In Conclusion

In short, we were quite impressed by the CBD flower Shop and what they have to offer. We’d like to spend more time enjoying some of the other strains and trying out the vapes. You can’t go wrong here!


Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK