Starpowa CBD gummies review

Starpowa CBD gummies review

Starpowa CBD gummies review

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Updated October 11th, 2021

Starpowa is a health gummies brand based in the UK. We first heard about the brand after seeing the Starpowa CBD gummies stocked in Holland & Barrett, and we saw that it was a popular CBD brand so we decided to check the gummies out. As always we'll be taking a close look at the product as well as third-party reviews for the product, let's get into it:

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What are the Starpowa CBD gummies like?

We're pretty big fans of CBD gummies so when we saw the option from Starpowa, we were impressed. Each gummy has 5mg of CBD which isn't a huge amount (we typically consume gummies that contain anywhere between 10-20mg of CBD), but for beginners, they're a good choice. One thing we also have to note is the nice taste - it's kind of like a sour apple taste which is right up our street. You get 60 CBD gummies per jar and it'll cost you around £40 for the jar, so it's not incredible value in terms of how much CBD you get per jar of Starpowa CBD gummies, but it's not terrible either. Overall we think these CBD gummies are great for newbies and we'd recommend them for people who don't like the taste of other CBD products.

Starpowa CBD gummies

Apple Flavoured CBD gummies from Starpowa (5mg each)

What are the Starpowa CBD gummies third-party reviews like?

Starpowa are signed up to Trustpilot but because the Trustpilot profile encapsulates reviews for all of their health products, we thought it would be more accurate to refer to the Starpowa CBD gummies reviews on the Holland & Barrett page. Currently the product is sitting with a pretty impressive rating of 3.7 out of 5. Overall customers on the page seem impressed with the quality of the products, especially the taste. There are a couple of reviewers who weren't too impressed with the minimal amount of CBD per gummy, which we can understand. Definitely explore those reviews for yourself.

Starpowa CBD gummies reviews
Starpowa CBD gummies review

In Conclusion

CBD gummies can be a great way to "top up" your CBD intake, but we're not always sure you should rely on them solely for your CBD needs. The Starpowa CBD gummies are a great option for beginners but veteran CBD users might want to look elsewhere.

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