Spumoni Strain

Strain | Indica Hybrid

Cannabinoids | THC (20+%)

Terpenes | (Currently Unknown)

If you didn’t know, the Spumoni Strain is named after the classic mold of layered gelato which contains at least 3 different flavours (Usually the classic Vanilla, Strawberry & Chocolate) and mixed with fruits, or nuts. This is the top-tier of Italian iced deserts.

You may be asking so why is there an award-winning cannabis strain named after Spumoni. Great question.

The Spumoni strain was born after Alien Labs and The Plug Seedbank crossed Do-si-Dos with Sunset Sherbert. This produced an indica leaning hybrid with very high THC levels and is considered to be one of the finest on this fair and green planet. The strain has won over thousands of fans in the last few years, but also won the title of the best Indica at the 2018 Amsterdam High-Times-Cup.

As this strain is named after an iced cream desert you may be thinking of something with the flavour of Gelato, which is sweet and herby. You’re not too far away. The strain is known firstly for its chemy characteristics of diesel and gas, which is smokey, sour and heavy (which comes from Do-Si-Dos – similar to Stawdawg). The aftertaste on the exhale is sweet and fruity with a funky herbal creaminess which comes from its Sherbert Heritage. It is a really rewarding and complex aroma which is one of our favourites.

The effects come on subtle to begin with, but creep up on you, so do not smoke too much all at once. The effects are sleepy, relaxing with a happy clear head. The strain leaves you in a great mood so is perfect for a late afternoon or early evening. Also, expect to get hungry if you haven’t already crawled into bed!

Spumoni Seeds & Yield.

If you’re after some Spumoni seeds then you’re in luck. They are actually fairly easy to find and buy from The Plug Seedbank who are one of the best-known seedbanks, and are very easily found online. If you are buying seeds then you must be aware that it is legal to buy seeds however, it is illegal still to cultivate or grow them in the UK. It means that they are best suited for keeping around the house, looking pretty as an ornament (lol) or as an investment for the future.

The Yield from Spumoni is said to be huge and the plant can be happily cultivated indoors with ease.