Pollen CBD gummies review

Pollen CBD review (gummies and drink drops)

Pollen CBD review

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Updated July 15th, 2021

We've recently started seeing CBD gummies from a brand called Pollen CBD popping up in a few places - on the Drugstore website and even on the Boots website. Pollen CBD also stocks products like their 'drink drops', but these are a bit harder to find online.It seems that for the moment you can only buy the Pollen CBD products via a retailer rather than directly from the brand, and we couldn't find a website for Pollen CBD, so we're relying on information found on other websites for this review. Let's get into it:


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What are the Pollen CBD gummies like?

Let's start with the Pollen CBD gummies because this is their most popular product - firstly we should mention that you can buy starter packs of the gummies (pictured) which include 18 gummies in 9 different flavours. It's a really impressive range of flavours which includes some very interesting combinations like Coffee + Cacao and Pear + Turmeric. In fact, we'd probably say this is the most impressive range of flavours we've ever seen in a pack of CBD gummies.

Now let's get onto the main bags of gummies - they're 180g in size, and include 30 gummies. These CBD gummies are broad spectrum and each gummy contains 10mg of CBD, a great dosage. One last thing we wanted to note about these gummies is that the packaging and branding is really great.

Now let's get onto the Pollen CBD Drink Drops, a product that we're a little more confused about because we haven't seen many products like this before. They're sort of oil/drink hybrids, which in theory could be a great idea. Again you can buy a starter pack with one of each flavour, which is a nice option if you want to try each flavour. The full size bottles are available in 3 strengths - 500mg, 1000mg and 1500mg. They're made with water-soluble broad spectrum CBD, and they're completely free of THC.

Overall we're both impressed and intrigued by the Pollen CBD product range, and we recommend you check it out on the TheDrug.Store website.

Pollen CBD gummies

What are the Pollen CBD third-party reviews like?

We couldn't find a Trustpilot profile or anything like that for Pollen CBD, but we could find some reviews on the TheDrug.Store website for the gummies (only a handful though). They were 5 star reviews and generally people seemed happy, we'll update this page if we find more reviews for Pollen CBD.



Pollen CBD gummies review on TheDrug.Store
Pollen CBD review

In Conclusion

We're starting to see Pollen CBD pop up in a few places, and as far as the Pollen CBD gummies go we're not surprised to see this happening. They look excellent and the branding is great. We're less sure about the drink drops and think that we need a bit more information about them before making a judgement.

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