Naturopathica CBD review (Our Honest Thoughts)

Naturopathica CBD review (Our honest opinion)

Naturopathica review

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Updated September 12th, 2021

Naturopathica is a CBD company based in the UK. You might recognise this brand from the shelves of Holland and Barrett, where you can find their capsules and a few of their other products for sale. They're also found in Boots and are selling on Amazon. As with every review, we'll be taking a look at:

What are the Naturopathica CBD products like?
Naturopathica CBD+ digestion capsules
Naturopathica CBD+ wellbeing capsules
What are the Naturopathica third-party reviews like?


Let's get into the review:

What are the Naturopathica CBD products like?

Good enough for Holland and Barrett! But unlike many of the brands we see stocked there, Naturopathica do actually have some pretty awesome products. Let's start with those lozenges - citrus flavoured, 10mg CBD per lozenge and very well priced too. If that wasn't enough, you also get added vitamins and minerals like Niacin, Vitamin B6, B12, C and Zinc. This makes these products really powerful and much more than just a CBD product.

But the real standout for us has to be the capsules which are all listed as full spectrum. Regular readers will know that we're big fans of full-spectrum CBD products, and Naturopathica even have lab reports on their product pages to prove that there is indeed a small but legal amount of THC in these. Not only are these full spectrum, they're also supercharged with vitamins. You've got 6 varieties to choose from, all containing different vitamins depending on your needs.

Overall we're super impressed with the Naturopathica product range and highly recommend you check their range out.

Naturopathica CBD+ Digestion capsules

The Naturopathica product that we enjoyed the most was the CBD+ digestion capsules. These capsules contain 5mg of CBD each, alongside a bunch of other goodness including 1 billion live cultures (for gut health) and Calcium Chloride. Each tub contains 30 capsules.

What we'd say about these capsules is that if you're looking for gut health (which studies show has a huge impact on your mental health) then these are a fantastic choice. CBD is excellent for inflammation and lowering cortisol, a catabolic hormone that breaks down tissues in the body. Add the live cultures and the Calcium Chloride and you've got a potent gut product.

But if you're buying this product for the CBD intake then you might be a little bit disappointed - we paid almost £40 for this small tub, and with only 30 capsules there is a measly 150mg of CBD per tub. For £40 we could buy a CBD oil with twice that amount of CBD (and have spare change leftover). One other thing that we didn't really like was the capsule itself - it's a little bigger than what we're used to and a little less comfortable in the mouth (most CBD capsules use soft gel). But that is a relatively minor complaint.

So overall we were pretty impressed with this product and would recommend if you want to tr y and improve your gut health.

Naturopathica CBD+ digestion
Naturopathica CBD+ digestion capsule

Naturopathica CBD+ Wellbeing capsules

We also tried the Wellbeing CBD+ capsules from Naturopathica - in terms of size and the capsule used, these are very similar to the Digestion capsules we mentioned previously. But actually we didn't think these were as good as the Digestion pills from Naturopathica.

Each capsule contains the same 5mg of CBD, however these capsules also contain added Vitamins including Vitamin A and Vitamin D3.

Listen, we're big fans of Vitamins and think that everyone should be supplementing them in some way. However, we think that cramming 6 different Vitamins into each capsule is a little bit too much, and it actually detracts from the CBD (which is comparatively tiny compared to all of the vitamins). We much prefer the Vitamin D CBD oil from Vitabiotics.

Overall we'd recommend the digestion capsules from Naturopathica but not the Wellbeing product.



Naturopathica CBD+ Wellbeing

What are the Naturopathica CBD third-party reviews like?

Naturopathica have a number of reviews in places like Amazon and the Holland and Barrett website. It's fair to say that the reviews are on average good for Naturopathica CBD products, with mostly 4 and 5 star ratings in places like the aforementioned, as well as Google and Facebook. There is also a huge amount of positive press coverage for Naturopathica CBD products, with the brand being featured in places like Marie Claire and Runners World.

Overall the consensus seems to be that Naturopathica have an excellent product range and are a trusted brand to buy from.


In Conclusion

Naturopathica are best known as a brand that you'll see on the shelves of Holland and Barrett, however they've also got a pretty large online presence too. It's nice to see that they're selling quality products so check them out!

This review was published by the CBD Bible team. We publish hundreds of reviews every month, feel free to explore our website for more reviews and CBD guides.

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