Maxx4 CBD Oil (Our Honest Review)

MAXX4 CBD oil review

Maxx4 CBD Oil are a CBD company based in Spain who have gained a solid reputation here in the UK. They sell their products online across Europe. It's also interesting to note that MAXX4 produce their own CBD oils which is great to see. We thought it would be useful to take a more in-depth look at Maxx4 CBD Oil to figure out why they're so popular. Let's get into the review:


Maxx4 CBD Oil Overview - who are they?

As we mentioned, Maxx4 CBD Oil are based in Spain but you can buy their CBD oils if you're based in the UK. All of the prices on their website are in Euros so you'll have to take the exchange rate into consideration, plus it'll take slightly longer for their products to reach you vs. buying from a UK based company. Maxx4 have a large customer base that order regularly through their website - all you have to do is open a customer account on their website (you can do this pretty easily by speaking to an associate).

What are the Maxx4 CBD products like?

Aside from CBD oils, Maxx4 also sell CBD tea bags, serums and sprays. The oils are unflavoured, however if you'd prefer a flavoured CBD products then the sprays are available in flavours such as cola or peppermint.

All of the CBD oils sold by Maxx4 are full spectrum, which is great to see. They use a high quality, organic sunflower oil because of the Lectin benefits and its low viscosity. This enables the oil to reach all corners of the mouth, giving the highest possible absorption.

What are the reviews like for Maxx4 CBD?

We couldn't find a huge amount of reviews but of the few that we could find they were all very positive, with many of the reviewers stating that the CBD products sold by Maxx4 are really effective and the customer service is great. Many of the companies that sell the CBD oil produced by MAXX4 have great reviews too, so that's definitely a great sign.

MAXX4 CBD oil review

In Conclusion

Overall if you're looking for a reliable full spectrum CBD oil, Maxx4 are a great choice.



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