Made in Xiaolin Cannagars (Honest Review)

We come across lots and lots of very interesting projects while writing this blog. Some of the most interesting things happing in the cannabis world can be found in the USA. While almost nobody in the UK has heard of Made in Xiaolin, they are marking huge waves in Colorado with their brand of Cannagars.

We wanted to take a little bit of time to look into Made in Xiaolin and talk a little bit about what they offer (just in case you head over to Colorado at some point).


Who is Made in Xiaolin?

In very basic terms, Made in Xiaolin are a Cannagar brand based in Colorado. They strive to bring innovative methods of cannabis consumption that promotes a healthy and balanced lifestyle. They aim to break the stereotypes and stigmas surrounding cannabis and bring a classy and elegant cannabis product to the market.


The Made in Xiaolin Godfather Cannagar

The ‘Godfather’ seems to be the biggest and best Cannagar that Made in Xiaolin produce. It contains 10 grams of flower, 2 grams of concentrate and has a lit time of 2-3 hours. That is a long time and a lot of cannabis.

The most impressive aspect of the Cannagar has to be its design. The flower can be wrapped in three different wrappings; natural, rice and rose. Then the Cannagar is finished with what looks like gold leaf/ foil. Regardless it looks beautiful.

While the Godfather is the largest, Made in Xiaolin also offer a Capo (5g), Goomah (2.5g), Soldato (2g) Cannagars


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