LXR (Our Honest Review)

LXR review

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Positive review

Published 2021

LXR are a CBD company based in the UK. We first heard about these guys after a member of the team emailed us asking if we'd check them out. We haven't tried the products but we wanted to do more of a brand overview piece. As always we'll be taking a look at their team, their products and their reviews to see if they're worth your time. Let's get into it:

What is the LXR story?


LXR was founded by 3 members of the ACI (Association for the Cannabinoid Industry, worth visiting their website if you're interested in learning more about the CBD industry). Each member of the team brings a different element to LXR - Bill has been writing about cannabis for years, having first been introduced to the compound for medicinal purposes. Marc is brilliant at creating cannabis-derived formulations (he actually has a white label company alongside LXR). And finally, Dr. Parveen Bhatarah has a pharmaceutical background and ensures that everything produced by LXR is 100% compliant to the regulatory environment (particularly important at the moment).


What a line-up! We're more used to one-man bands and CBD "fashion" brands rather than an Avengers-esque team.  But as we approach various deadlines within the CBD industry, it'll be more important than ever to ensure that you're purchasing your CBD products from a company that is entirely above board. LXR definitely tick that box.

What are the LXR products like?

What we like about the LXR product range immediately is that it contains only 4 products. We see so many brands out there trying to cram as many products as they can into their range, but it's very hard to maintain quality when you're focused on selling 78 different kinds of CBD bath bombs, chewing gums or CBD muscle rubs. Plus, those sorts of products aren't all that great for CBD absorption. LXR have different oils, and that's all you need.


Each oil is 10% concentration, the only difference between them being the additional natural compounds included alongside the CBD (there is one 'natural' product that is just a straight-up CBD oil without anything added).
LXR product image 1
LXR product image 2
The contents of the bottles as described on the product pages seem to indicate to us how many companies will have to rethink their products in the near future. For example, these products are listed as "narrow-spectrum", because they are THC-free but still contain CBD alongside a mix of terpenes (differs depending on what oil you choose). We know that many of the issues within the CBD industry at the moment stem from the inability to produce CBD oils that contain a consistent and safe amount of other cannabinoids/plant-derived compounds, so the LXR approach definitely makes sense. You can take a look at the lab reports for these products to see for yourself (very clearly linked across the website).


We're certainly impressed by the care and effort that has clearly gone into producing these oils.


For some people, all of this wonderful information would be completely irrelevant if the products didn't taste good. Luckily LXR are on top of that too - coconut oil is the carrier oil used (more palatable IMO plus great for absorption), and there are natural ingredients like lime, valencia orange and eucalyptus to ensure that even the fussiest of CBD enthusiasts will be satisfied with the taste.

What are the LXR reviews like?

LXR have a profile on Trustpilot, our preferred third-party review platform. They're currently sitting with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on there, giving them an 'Excellent' rating. Overall people seem really happy with the products as well as the service provided by the team. LXR have their Trustpilot review clearly linked on their website so take a look.
LXR review

In Conclusion

We'll be keeping a close eye on LXR as we move through 2021, because we expect them to get really popular. Definitely take a look at their website and be sure to check them out!