Love Hemp CBD capsules review (worth the hype?)

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hmm...maybe not.

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Updated October 25th 2021

We were delighted to finally get our hands on the Love Hemp CBD capsules, because we'd heard so much about them. They're definitely one of the most popular products within the Love Hemp range and they're available in high-street shops such as Boots, Holland and Barrett and more. We tried them and we have quite a lot to say! Let's get into it:

What are the positives of the Love Hemp CBD capsules?

Let's start with the positives of these capsules. Firstly, the price was great. We actually bought them from Holland & Barrett, so we managed to get them as part of a deal. So we paid less than £10 for these, which for 300mg of CBD is pretty great. We also really like the packaging and the quality of the Love Hemp products is always second to none. We've reviewed a number of the Love Hemp CBD products previously, and we're always impressed with how quality everything feels. Lastly, we also surprisingly liked the dosage of each capsule - 5mg. It's actually quite nice to have such a low dosage, as we can use it to top up our daily intake. Overall, not bad. 
Love Hemp CBD capsules 300mg

What are the negatives of the Love Hemp CBD capsules?

Our main issue with these capsules, as with so many of the Love Hemp CBD products, is figuring out what's in the bottle. If we look at the description on the Holland & Barrett website for this product, we're told that this product "contains a full spectrum of terpenes, flavonoids and phytonutrients." That sounds great and is one of these main reasons we decided to buy these CBD capsules. As regular readers will know, we're big fans of full spectrum products. However, imagine our surprise when the bottle arrived and we saw 'Zero THC' on the back (pictured). This was frustrating and means it definitely isn't a full spectrum product. 
We also weren't a big fan of the texture of the capsules, and found them quite hard to swallow. We can buy soft gel capsules online which are much smaller and more comfortable to swallow, but which also contain 6x the amount of CBD as these capsules. So it seems odd to have such a large capsule for such a low amount of CBD.
back of Love Hemp capsules

Anything else to mention?

Yes, quite a big one! Remember how we mentioned that we didn't know what was in the Love Hemp capsules bottle? Well, we scanned the QR code on the back of the bottle (pictured) and entered our batch number (also pictured) and guess what! No information was provided. What a shame and very frustrating. 

QR code on Love Hemp caps
Love Hemp capsules batch number

In Conclusion

So to conclude, we love the idea of having a low concentration CBD capsule but we think that Love Hemp has loads of products which are much better than these.


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