Leira Cannagar & Cannarillo (Honest Review)

Until today, we had no idea that Cannabis Cigars (also called a Cannagar)were a thing. Yes, the top of the top, luxury items of the tobacco industry, has come to the cannabis industry. 

As far as we can see, the best seems to be a brand called Leira from the US. They have a huge following, with many, many dedicated fans who love not only their attention to detail, but the quality of the Cannagards, Cannarillos and Cannabis Roll-Ups. 

Leira, based in Las Vagas, offer a huge range of premium cannabis cigars. All things cigars represent success, luxury and sophistication, but add in the fact that the cannabis Cigars are hand wrapped in cured cannabis leaves is another level of amazing. 

At the moment, the Cannabis cigars are produced the finest hand selected cured hemp, and some using Hemp leaves as a wrapping. There are a range of sizes and styles, which have all been crafted by hand to get the very best quality. When it comes to luxury, it seems that no cost has been spared.

There are also THC versions which is only available in certain states, and sadly not yet here in the UK.

If you want to get your hands on one of these to show off to your friends, well, you may need to wait a bit longer! We ourselves cannot wait to try them out!



24 Karat Gold Leaf Cannabis Cigar!

The one Cannagar which took our imagination by storm was the gold-leaf Cigar. A cannabis cigar that is wrapped in 24k gold leaf, and contains 12g of flower. It is a monster cigar, but also gold!? Mike Tyson is apparently a fan. 



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