Larry OG and Legendary Larry Strain

Strain | 70% Indica

Cannabinoids | THC (24% -28%)

Terpenes | Myrcene.

Larry OG has been making the round in the US for years. It is a hot favourite with dispensaries across Colorado and California as a great medical strain. 

Larry OG has many other names. From Sour Larry to OG Larry or just ‘The’ Larry. We love this strain and it is very easy to get your hands on from a dispensary across in the USA or Canada. The strain comes from the Orange County and won 1st place for best Indica at the 2014 cannabis cup. The strain is a well known cross between OG Kush and SFV OG (thought to be a OG Kush & Afgani cross). 

Usually, the Larry OG’s THC percentage is just above 21%. 

While we love a bit of OG Larry – we came across a Larry OG cross by Apollogreen called Legendary Larry – which makes all of the best Larry OG traits shine. Apollogreen hail from Canada and seem to be focusing on cannabis genetics, and have produced some very interesting medical cannabis strains. 

The strain has a THC percentage of 24%-28% which is very high for any strain, but the effects are not as strong as you may expect. While the effects of the THC can be clearly felt, the effects are not overwhelming at all

The legendary Larry is described as a ‘rare’ cross of Legend OG and Larry OG F7 which gives the strain the best of both worlds. From the potent gassy terpenes, and layered complex earthy, piney dankness. The Legendary Larry has all the spice and flavour of OG Kush, with a smooth smoke and constantly relaxing, euphoric and happy high. There is little potential for a headrush that OG can bring on at first. 

The Legendary Larry (Larry OG) is ideal for medical users as it offers a relaxing body buzz with a clear head. It is great for releasing pain, tensions and increasing the users appetite. 

The great thing about the OG Legendary Larry strain is that it grows very easily in all environments with strong yields. An all round winner.