Koi CBD (Our Honest Review)

Koi CBD review (Our Honest Thoughts)

Koi CBD review

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Updated April 2nd, 2021

Koi CBD are a big CBD brand based in the USA, however their products are available to purchase here in the UK. The Koi CBD UK products are essentially exactly the same as the Koi CBD products found in the states. They are extremely popular overseas, and they're definitely building a following here in the United Kingdom.

We thought we'd take an in-depth look at Koi CBD to see how good their products, customer service and reviews are. We're also interested to review the famous Koi CBD oils.

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Who are Koi CBD?

As we've already mentioned, Koi CBD are a CBD company based in the States, but are available to buy here in the UK. Their site doesn't give away a huge amount about their background - there is no mention of who founded the company, or why the company was founded. We're not even sure where the company is based in the USA (they have stores in various locations).

One thing we do like about the Koi CBD site is the blog. It's up to date and gives a bit of personality. It also shows that these guys definitely have a great understanding of CBD.

What are the Koi CBD products like?

Koi CBD are best known for their vape oils, and these are what have really caught on in the UK. They're clearly good, and they're full spectrum which is great. Their normal CBD oils seem less popular.

Koi CBD reviews

What are Koi CBD reviews like?

We couldn't find any third-party platform that was collecting reviews from users who had tried Koi CBD. We find this strange and a little frustrating frankly! What we did find was a huge amount of articles talking about how great Koi CBD are. The only issue here is that the reviews are all full of affiliate links, so we have to question why the reviews are so positive. Ultimately we'd much rather see a site like Trustpilot collecting reviews about Koi CBD.

However, as you can see above there is a section on the Koi CBD website where they have collated over 3500 review for their products, and where they have a 4.8 out of 5 rating. If this is accurate then this is a truly excellent score.

What does Reddit think of Koi CBD?

We have to say, the reviews for Koi CBD on Reddit are mostly positive. Many users seem really happy with the Koi CBD vape oils, which are really popular with Reddit users. There is not much talk about the CBD oils that Koi CBD sell, however the vape oils have great reviews.


Koi CBD reddit

Is Koi CBD legit?

We have to say that yes, Koi CBD is legit. You can choose from a wide range of CBD products and their customer service is top-notch.

We definitely recommend Koi CBD as an option for beginners.

Koi CBD review

In Conclusion

Koi CBD are huge in the United States and look to be catching on in the UK too. Their vape oils are undeniably good, but we'd love to see some lab reports!

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