Infusion CBD (Our Honest Review)

Infusion CBD are a UK based CBD company, who source all of their CBD from California. They’re slowly picking up a good reputation for their CBD products here in the UK, so we thought it would be a good idea to review Infusion CBD and find out what has made them so popular. Let’s get into the review:

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What are the Infusion CBD products like?

As we mentioned, Infusion CBD are UK based but proudly source their CBD products from California. Their product range includes CBD oils, gummies and coffee (which seems to be quite popular). Infusion CBD products are made with C02 extraction, and are all broad spectrum (which means they contain 0% THC). We don’t mind this, but personally we always prefer to use full spectrum CBD oils which contain small amounts of THC, so we can benefit from the entourage effect.
All of their products are third party lab tested, and the company is part of the CTA and is Cannapro certified too. So they tick all the boxes there.
We’re most interested in their gummies, which seem like a great product. 10mg of CBD per strip, so a couple of those and you’re getting a good amount of CBD in your system, plus it tastes good (the gummies are all sour flavours).

What are the reviews like for Infusion CBD?

Infusion CBD Trustpilot reviews

Infusion CBD are using Trustpilot, our preferred third party platform review. Currently they have a 4.7 out of 5 rating from almost 40 reviews, which is a pretty great rating. We’re sure they’ll soon be up at the 100 review mark. Every single review they have so far marks them as excellent, which is impressive. Many of the reviewers seem delighted with the quality of the products, especially the gummies. Plus there is lots of good feedback about the customer service.

In Conclusion

Infusion CBD are making their mark on the UK CBD industry, and seem to be doing a good job with their products. You might prefer a company selling full spectrum CBD products, but if broad spectrum is what you prefer then Infusion CBD look like a solid choice.


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