Health Rack CBD (Our Honest Review)

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Health Rack are a UK health supplement company who have been around for a while and who are pretty well known. Like a few of the larger health companies in the UK (ahem Holland and Barrett ahem), Health Rack decided to create their own CBD. It's been pretty popular since it launched, so we thought it would be worth taking a look at the Health Rack CBD a bit closer to see what all the fuss is about. We'll be analysing the contents of the products, as well as looking at reviews. Let's get into it:

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What are the Health Rack CBD products?

Health Rack offer a range of CBD products, including capsules, oils and vape liquids. The 1000mg CBD oil is described as full spectrum, but we couldn't find any lab reports to prove this. In fact, we couldn't find any lab reports for any of the Health Rack CBD products on the website. The CBD vape liquid is listed as not being made with any CBD isolate, and is unflavoured. It's quite a strange and limited range of CBD products offered by Health Rack, plus we're surprised to see that they have Paypal as an option to pay through their site (usually Paypal don't really like CBD companies).

What are the reviews like for the Health Rack CBD products?

Health Rack CBD reviews
We were surprised to see that a few of the Health Rack CBD products had absolutely no reviews at all on the product pages, including the capsules and the vape liquids. But Health Rack do have a Trustpilot profile and a profile, and on these they have plenty of reviews. Health Rack have a 98% rating on from over 600 users - obviously a few of these reviews relate to other health products on their site, but there are plenty of reviewers mentioning the Health Rack CBD products. People mostly seem happy with them, especially the capsules which have rave reviews. Our suspicion is that many of these people are new to CBD so aren't bothered about the lack of lab reports etc.

In Conclusion

We're surprised to see the popularity of the Health Rack CBD products considering the limited range and lack of information about the products, but the same could be said for Holland and Barrett, and that doesn't seem to put people off either. We'd want to see some lab reports and more information before recommending these guys.

There are 6 different Health Rack shops you can visit across the UK, we've included a Google Map embed of the shop in Preston:


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