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greenbox Robotics

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Updated April 12th, 2021

greenbox Robotics is a brand based in the United States. We first heard about greenbox Robotics when looking online for information about CBD in vending machines (some of the best CBD oil on the US market). When we stumbled across their website, we knew we wanted to share this brand with our audience. We'll be explaining what they do and why it is so exciting.

What does greenbox Robotics do?

What greenbox Robotics have done that is so innovative is to combine their cutting-edge robotics technology with high-quality CBD products. They've created self-service CBD kiosks - vending machines that a person can use easily and quickly to get their CBD fix. This allows people on the go to get their CBD without breaking their stride.

There are a few reasons why we absolutely love this concept. Firstly, it makes purchasing CBD products more convenient. Shops that sell CBD can sometimes be hard to find and often when you enter the shop, it can be busy too. Purchasing from a kiosk allows you to quickly get your CBD without queing for a long time.

Secondly, having these machines around the place will actually introduce more people to the wonders of CBD. They look non-threatening and are easy to use, so people who have never tried CBD before will feel more comfortable using one of the machines rather than going into a store that sells CBD.

Lastly, you get a great choice of products. Let's explore those now:

What products do the greenbox Robotics machines stock?

All of this technology would be no good if the products inside the machines weren't up to scratch. Luckily, greenbox Robotics have put just as much effort into their product selection as their technology.

CBD oils, topicals and edibles are all available via the greenbox Robotics kiosks. They stock products from a number of trusted brands, including Social CBD, OrganiCBD and Floyd's of Leadville. If you know your way around the CBD industry then you'll recognise these names - they're all really trusted and produce great products.

We should also mention that there is even a great selection of CBD products for pets. So if you've got your furry friend with you then why not treat them to something.

Overall we're really impressed by this product range and we recommend you check out the full selection for yourself.



greenbox Robotics

In Conclusion

If you're based in the United States then keep an eye out for greenbox Robotics kiosks - hopefully one day we will see this awesome technology on our shores!

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