Garlic Breath Strain

Strain | Indica Hybrid

Cannabinoids | THC (16-18%)

Terpenes | Myrcene, Pinene, Limonene, Caryophyllene and Linool.

Garlic Breath Strain

More about the Garlic Breath Strain

There are so many rare strains in the canna-sphere – one of them being the Garlic Breath Strain. It is very unlikely that you come across this elusive strain but the more you know about it when you do find it, the better.

Garlic Breath is a cross between Hogsbreath and Chemdog D BX2 strains and is named after it’s (amazingly moreish) garlicky flavour. It doesn’t sound delicious but believe us when we say it: this strain is delicious. 

Garlic Breath is a huge strain for fans of Indica’s – and can deal with Insomnia, depression, chronic stress, nausea and chronic fatigue. 


What Does Garlic Breath Look Like?

When writing about a strain like Garlic Breath it feels a little bit pointless spending time explaining it’s appearance. If you have a batch of this strain then you’ll know as you open the packet; the scents are all consuming. 

The strain is such a vibrant green that it is almost luminous. To feel the bud it is very sticky and you can see the thick layer of trichomes and a light spattering of pistils. 


Aroma & Flavours

There are some strains that inspire excitement when you read about the unique and vibrant flavours. Strains like Mango Kush and Zkittlez are easy to describe and get users excited. 

Garlic Breath doesn’t sound like it will be nice, but we were completely wrong. Imagine a sweet, creamy garlic pasta dish, with a sprinkle of oregano. A savoury delight that would be safe at home in any Italian restaurant worth it’s salt. 

While there are some strains suited to a sweet tooth, this strain is ideal for those who adore the best savoury things in life.

The one issue you’re likely to encounter with this strain is the aroma. It is pungent. The garlic is strong but there is certainly a huge part of this strain that screams ‘I am cannabis’. If you have neighbours who hate weed, think about a vape pen or something a little more discreet. 

The Garlic Breath High!

The Garlic Breath Strain is a huge hit with Indica fans. Those who struggle to sleep or need their spirits lifting in the wee small hours of the morning will love this stain. 

The Garlic Breath high starts with a really subtle uplifting euphoria which dissolves any feelings of anxiety or stress. You feel like you’re floating on a huge garlic cloud but focused enough to do creative, or mundane tasks. You can feel physically relaxed with a clear head for minor tasks. 

After about 20 or 25 minutes the high moves almost behind your eyes which settles your mind and leaves you in a state of sedation. There is a feeling of pure relaxation which is almost unrivalled. 

If you can stay awake after 30 minutes of enjoying the Garlic Breath strain then you’re a super heavy weight. 

CBD Garlic Breath 

When it comes to flavour, Garlic Breath is a surprising delight that we highly recommend. 

There aren’t many who supply the flavours of garlic breath but there are a few. if you’d like the starin flavours but without the THC effects then you can purchase a huge range of vapes online. 

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