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Updated April 9th, 2021

Essentia Pura is a company based in Slovenia. They are experts in supercritical CO2 extraction processes used to create CBD products, and have gained a reputation across Europe for their quality and expertise.

As one of the leading CBD manufacturers and suppliers in Europe, they sell and supply CBD oil, CBD soft gels (capsules) and more to companies and individuals.

We wanted to highlight this company because they are popular and we think many people in our audience will want to hear about what they do.

What is the Essentia Pura facility like?

Part of what has helped Essentia Pura to become such a leader within the CBD industry is the facility that the team has access to.

With their SK-Skrlj MoSES, the team has access to carry out supercritical CO2 extractions of plant-based compounds such as active ingredients, terpenoids, fatty acids, heavier waxes, and color components. The MoSES can process up to 4000kg of (hemp) biomass annually.

Also, Essentia Pura has established its own analytical division. This allows them to perform analytics of different oils, herbs, and natural extracts.

Having access to all of this technology and information allows Essentia Pura to produce 2 types of extracts - CO2-se (selective) and the CO2-to (total) extracts.



What are the Essentia Pura CBD oils like?

We mentioned previously that Essentia Pura produce CBD products like oils and soft gels that can be bought wholesale, so we wanted to highlight these.

The CBD oils produced by Essentia Pura are available in 3 different varieties - premium, raw and THC free. The Premium oils are their most popular product. As full-spectrum oils, they contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids alongside other phytochemicals such as terpenes. When consumed, users can benefit from the "entourage effect" whereby all of the plant compounds work in harmony.

The biomass used to create these oils is totally organic and is sourced from carefully selected Italian regions. Essentia Pura then use the technology at their disposal to process the biomass into a crude extract, which is then further processed depending on the client's needs.

This end to end process is handled by the Essentia Pura team and they oversee every element.



In Conclusion

If you're looking for a reliable CBD supplier then we'd definitely recommend Essentia Pura. Check them out!

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