dosist are a wellness company based in the United States. They've been around since 2016, harnessing the power of cannabis to create products that make people feel great. We first heard about these guys after reading countless reviews of them online, so we'll be taking a look at their:

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product range


To see if they're worth your time.

Before we get into the meat of the post, we should mention that it's pretty hard to get a Dosist pen here in the UK! There are some great CBD vape pens that you can check out which will do the same trick (all CBD, no nicotine, great sleep).


Let's get into our review:

What are the dosist products like?

dosist have created a range of unique and revolutionary products. Their focus has been on ensuring that people can take very precise doses of quality cannabis product in a convenient manner. Rather than relying on the user to dose themselves with the correct amount of cannabis product (which can often be tricky if you're using a CBD oil dropper, vape pen or paste), the products are designed to give the user exactly what they need.


dosist have a pretty extensive product range, which they've split up into a few different categories so you can easily find what you're looking for. These categories are Bliss. Sleep, Calm, Arouse and Relief. Each category consists of a selection of products which all give different benefits depending on what you want to use CBD for. It's worth exploring each category yourself, but for the purposes of this review, we'll be looking at 1 category in depth - Bliss.


The Bliss range is a 9:1 THC:CBD ratio formula designed to give you a sense of gentle relaxation (aka, bliss). The range consists of the dose pen, the dose formula pod and the dose dial. The pen contains 100 dose/250mg and the dosist formula pod 200 dose/500mg. The pen technology measures an exact 2.5mg dose after 3 seconds of inhalation. It will then vibrate slightly and shut off. This is awesome because you know exactly what amount of product you're consuming, which is the main issue with most vape pens currently on the market. Vaping CBD (or vaping THC) can be a great way to very quickly get the compound into your bloodstream, but many people who aren't familiar with vaping can easily find themselves consuming too much CBD if they're puffing for too long. dosist pens solve this issue.


If you don't want to try a pen, then the dose dial is also a great product. Similar to the pen, the main function of the dose dial is to ensure that you're consuming an exact amount of product without taking too much. When you turn the dial on the dose dial it distributes 1 dissolvable tablet containing 3.7mg. A dissolvable tablet/capsule is a great way to consume CBD as it could easily be held under the tongue as it dissolves, allowing the CBD to be consumed sublingually (allowing for better absorption compared to swallowing a tablet).


Overall we are super impressed with the dosist product range - they clearly have a deep understanding of how CBD should be consumed and how to ensure it is consumed in an effective manner. This technology is really exciting and certainly a step-up from much of what we see currently available.

What are the dosist reviews like?

dosist include testimonials on their category pages, where overall customers seem delighted with the products as you'd expect. But we're always more interested in reviews on other sites which haven't been curated by the companies - luckily dosist have loads of reviews online across a number of sites, including large publications and Reddit. We love to check Reddit for reviews because there is a large and knowledgeable CBD/vaping community on there.


On Reddit, people seem to love dosist products. We found a number of threads which have been posted recently where people speak very highly of the products, particularly the pens. Any time we see a product getting talked about on Reddit in a positive light we know the brand is doing something right.


In Conclusion

Overall dosist have created a collection of innovative products which we expect will really shake up the industry. Their pens are ideal for anyone who is interested in vaping CBD but doesn't want to worry about consuming too much of the compound. Check them out!