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cEVAD are a natural health and beauty CBD brand based in the United States. We first heard about these guys after seeing their full spectrum CBD tincture online, so we decided that they’d be good for a review. As with all of our reviews we’ll be looking at their products and customer service to see if they’re worth your time. Let’s get into it:

So let's get into it:

Who are cEVAD?

Eva, Rhyan and Drew are the team behind cEVAD, and each bring a different element to the brand. Eva is an actress/model, and has a passion for natural health and beauty products. In her search for the best natural products to apply topically, she stumbled across CBD products. Seeing the power of this compound, Eva decided that she’d like to launch a health/beauty brand that took all of the benefits of CBD and combined them with other natural compounds to create amazing products. Drew also has a passion for CBD, but comes from a slightly different background. He has more than 20 years of experience in the laboratory testing industry, an essential component of any good CBD brand.


In 2019, Drew Maloney (the owner of Capstone Healthcare in Atlanta) and Eva Marcille had a conversation about starting a CBD business. Drew introduced Eva to Rhyan Walcott, the brand’s Director of Operations with over 14 years of laboratory experience and also the Director of Business Operations for Capstone Healthcare; together they built and launched the cEVAd brand out of Atlanta, Georgia.

Through their connections and resources with hemp farms and other laboratories in the United States, they created specially formulated CBD oil tinctures and cremes focused on being the natural, healthy, alternative to over-the-counter and prescribed medications catered to pain, anxiety, lack of sleep, stress, and even the reduction of dark spots and beauty marks.

We love that we can easily see information about the team behind this brand because we see so many nameless/faceless brands out there, so this is refreshing.

What are the cEVAD products like?

Now let’s get into the products – what we love about the cEVAD range is that it is very refined. It currently consists of 2 tinctures, one broad-spectrum and one full-spectrum. We see lots of brands trying to sell as many products as possible on their site, so we like to see a brand focusing on a small number of products instead.
Let’s start with the BLISS tincture – this is a broad-spectrum tincture which means it contains no THC but still contains all of the other plant goodness you’d get in a full-spectrum tincture. BLISS uses coconut oil (MCT) as the carrier oil which is great as coconut oil contains lots of extra goodness like healthy fatty acids. The hemp used to create the CBD for this tincture is completely organic and there is 1000mg CBD per bottle (10%). And of course, there are lab reports you can check out on the product page.
The HARMONY tincture has all of the same goodness as the BLISS tincture except with the addition of THC. The THC in the product is a small, legal amount (0.3%) which further contributes to the sense of calm that the product will provide when consumed. We actually think the name ‘harmony’ is very appropriate because when THC is consumed alongside other cannabinoids like CBD, it allows you to benefit from a sensation known as the “entourage effect”.
Overall we think these 2 products look great and we’d recommend you check out the cEVAD shop to see them for yourself.

What are the cEVAD reviews like?

There are customer reviews that you can read on the cEVAD product pages for the tinctures, and impressively each product is currently sitting with a perfect 5 star rating. Overall customers seem really happy with the quality of the products and the customer service. Definitely check those reviews out for yourself if you want to read more detailed responses.
cevad Review

In Conclusion


cEVAD have got 2 of the best tinctures we’ve seen from any US CBD company, and we highly recommend you head over to their website to learn more about this brand.

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