CBD Spa Therapy Budock Vean

CBD Spa therapy at Budock Vean Hotel

Budock Vean CBD Spa therapy

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Updated March 15th, 2021

Whenever we see CBD treatments being offered at a spa, we always want to share this with our audience. We know that the world of CBD can be daunting so if you know someone who is hesitant about trying CBD, then consider taking them for a CBD spa treatment as a way of introducing them to all of the benefits in a relaxing setting.

The CBD spa therapy offered by Budock Vean Hotel is definitely one of the best CBD spa treatments that we've come across. Not only that, it was also one of the first spas in the UK to offer CBD-based therapy.  The treatments were created by then-manager of the spa Martina, who recently completed CBD studies with a US university.

In this article we'll be outlining what the treatments involve and what makes them so great. Let's get into it:

What's involved?

There is much to outline about the CBD Spa Therapy offered at the Budock Vean Hotel, however we would first like to highlight that the treatment makes use of full-spectrum CBD oil. For us this is crucial - it is well-known that full-spectrum CBD contains other plant goodness such as terpenes and fatty acids which really add another level of benefits to the oil. Plus, most of the best CBD oils we've tried are full spectrum. We rarely see full spectrum CBD being used for topical purposes even though it is great for being applied to the skin, so this is a great start.

As for the treatments themselves, there are 2 different treatments offered at the spa:

CBD Infused Body Massage

A body massage using organic CBD massage oil to help with pain, inflammation, fatigue and to help speed up the process of healing and recovery. Ideal if you have no specific areas that you need massaged and would prefer a more holisitic treatment.

£42 for 30 minutes, £71 for an hour.

CBD Infused Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

If you would prefer a more targeted massage to deal with specific areas of pain and discomfort, then the back, neck and shoulder massage is ideal. You'll be massaged with the same organic CBD massage oil, and you'll experience the same sense of relaxation and calm.

£40 for 30 minutes.

In Conclusion

Once we're able to get out and about again, why not check out the CBD Spa Therapy at Budock Vean Hotel? After the year we've had everyone could do with a relaxing treatment. For more information contact - naturalhealthspa@budockvean.co.uk

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