CBD Cocktails: Take the edge off with over 100 relaxing recipes - Sailene Ossman

CBD Cocktails: Take the edge off with over 100 relaxing recipes.

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Updated August 25th, 2021

When we find interesting products or brands related to CBD, we always want to share them with our audience. So when we stumbled across the excellent book 'CBD Cocktails: Take the edge off with over 100 relaxing recipes' by Sailene Ossman, we knew that we'd have to publish an article about this great resource. Let's get into it:

Why would you want a CBD cocktail?

We thought we'd start with a little overview of why you might actually like to create CBD cocktails - after all, it's not like there are loads of CBD cocktails every time you walk into a bar (although this is becoming more commonplace).

In our opinion, CBD cocktails could be a total gamechanger for the alcohol industry. We already know that CBD can help promote relaxation and reduce anxiety, so by combining this compound with alcohol (another substance that helps to relax you), the 2 substances actually intensify the effects of each other. If you've never had a CBD cocktail or any alcoholic drink made with CBD before then it's quite hard to describe the sensation, but we'd certainly recommend it.

Furthermore, CBD can also help to reduce the negative effects of alcohol. Animal studies have shown that consuming beer with CBD can reduce oxidative liver stress and the neurodegenerative effects of alcohol. So you can enjoy your cocktails without worrying about the negative side effects if you have one too many.

Hopefully, this overview has sold you on the myriad benefits of combining CBD with alcohol! Now let's get into this excellent book.

What makes this book so great?

Our favorite thing about this book is that you'll find loads of recipes for craft cocktails to suit every taste, and many of them are original recipes too. Each cocktail has been included not just because it's popular, but also because CBD will mix fantastically well.

For example, we've included an image from the page for The Dirty Spy cocktail. Sailene recommends that you use CBD bitters with this cocktail, available from brands such as OTO. So these recipes aren't just about getting CBD into your system, they're also about creating great-tasting cocktails that you'll genuinely enjoy.

So much thought has gone into every CBD product recommendation within the book - this isn't just about splashing any oil into a cocktail, it's about choosing products that will compliment the other flavor notes.

Overall, we were super impressed and we recommend you check it out for yourself.


Image from CBD Cocktails: Take the edge off with over 100 relaxing recipes

Who is Sailene Ossman?

We thought it would be useful to provide a little overview of the author too. Sailene Ossman has been described by Rolling Stone as the "cannabis guru of Southern California" and has been a key influencer within the cannabis industry since the mid-90s. Her CBD expertise is the result of much research and years of dedication, as well as exposure to various products, strains, and other people within the world of cannabis.

It's clear that Sailene has a passion for the power of CBD, and her passion oozes from every page of this book. You can find out more about Sailene here - https://www.sailene.com/




Image from Sailene.com

Where can you buy the book from?

In the UK, you can buy the book from Amazon or Waterstones.

CBD Cocktails: Take the edge off with over 100 relaxing recipes.

In Conclusion

This book is a great addition to any drinks cabinet, and would also be an awesome gift for any CBD enthusiasts. We'd definitely recommend checking it out!

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