CanaXen (Our Honest Review)

Canaxen (usually “CanaXen”) are a CBD company based in London. They’ve apparently been around since 2011, which must make them one of the longest operating CBD companies in the UK. Originally called Medivape, the CanaXen website claims that the company was the first CBD vendor in the UK. They also claim to be the first company to have lab tested products available to buy. If all of this is true then it definitely shows that CanaXen know their stuff when it comes to CBD. Let’s get into the rest of the review:

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What are the CanaXen products like?

As we mentioned, all CanaXen products are third party lab tested. For us this is absolutely crucial. CanaXen only sell CBD oils, all of which are broad spectrum (0% THC). We don’t mind this too much, but we typically prefer full spectrum oils which contain small amounts of THC so users can benefit from the entourage effect. Every product page includes the lab reports to prove CBD content, and plenty of information about what’s in the bottle. The 10% CBD oil is their most popular, which uses MCT oil as a carrier oil. Their most expensive CBD oil is the Gold oil which is a 30ml bottle containing 4800mg of CBD (16%). This will cost you almost £170.


What are the reviews like for CanaXen?

CanaXen Trustpilot reviews

CanaXen use Trustpilot to collect their reviews, which is our preferred platform for this. They currently have a 4.7 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot, from over 140 reviews. This is pretty impressive, especially considering we hadn’t really heard of CanaXen before this review. Many of the reviewers mention that the quality of the CBD oils is extremely good, and that they love how they can pick up the phone and call the CanaXen team to discuss the products.


In Conclusion

CanaXen seem like a great choice for anyone looking for a broad spectrum CBD oil. It’s nice to see a company who specialise in one type of CBD product rather than trying to sell everything under the sun.








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