Can you put CBD oil in hot coffee?

Can you put CBD oil in hot coffee?

Many people want to start their day with a CBD boost, and we understand why! It's a great way to get your head screwed on right before getting on with your day.

Although you can buy coffee that has been infused with CBD, many people would prefer to stick with their normal coffee but simply add a few drops of CBD oil into the hot drink. But can you put CBD oil into hot coffee without any issues? The short answer is - not really. But let's look into this a bit more:

Why can't you just add a few drops of CBD oil to your hot coffee?

CBD oil is a pretty fragile substance, and it doesn't take much heat to destroy some of the properties that make the oil so great. For example, even a coffee that is slightly hotter than room temperature could cause some of the active ingredients to be destroyed. These are plant-derived compounds that are a really important element of any good CBD oil.

Furthermore, adding CBD oil to coffee isn't the most effective way to consume the substance. The CBD oil will be washed down into your stomach along with the coffee, where it'll have a pretty hard time reaching your bloodstream and ultimately taking effect. You're much better to consume the oil sublingually (under the tongue), where it can be absorbed into the bloodstream via the thin skin under your tongue.

If you love your CBD coffee but also love the taste of cannabis, you can sweeten it with cannabis terpene infused syrup.



What about CBD coffee?

The reason CBD coffee works is not because it's normal coffee with CBD oil mixed in, it's because the coffee beans have been blended with CBD before they're even brewed. This is quite a crucial step because it means the CBD isn't destroyed.

Can you put CBD oil in hot coffee?

In Conclusion

Putting CBD oil into hot coffee might seem like a good idea, but there are better ways to incorporate CBD into your morning routine. Hopefully this article has helped you discover some alternatives!

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