Biosportart review

Biosportart is a CBD company based in the UK. They're best known for their range of high concentration CBD products intended for athletes, and we first heard about them after a few readers reached out to us and asked us what we thought. We've taken a look at this brand and thought it would be useful to conduct a review, so as always we'll be taking a look at:

So let's get into it:

Who is Biosportart?

There is a very useful 'Our Mission' page on the Biosportart website that provides some great information about the brand and what they stand for. The mission of Biosportart is to create the very best CBD products for athletes, both amateurs and professionals. They've clearly put a huge amount of work into research and branding to get this right, and it is definitely paying off for them. 


Richard, the CEO of Biosportart, actually reached out to us to provide some very useful additional information for this review, so we really appreciate that. These guys are BSCG certified, practically unheard of in the CBD industry. 

What are the Biosportart products like?

We should preface this section of the review by making clear that buying CBD products as an athlete is a nightmare. Regardless of whether or not a company advertises their CBD products as 0% THC or as a CBD isolate, there is always the chance that other cannabinoids could be present in any CBD product made from the plant. Even as plant advocates, we would never recommend any athlete to consume a plant-derived CBD product, purely for the reason that we cannot guarantee that banned compounds won't be present. Competitive athletes cannot afford to take this risk (even with CBD Chewing Gum)


What is great about the Biosportart CBD products is that they're made with CBD synthesized from citrus terpenes. What this ensures is that there are no other cannabinoids present, hugely important for athletes who are regularly tested. With upcoming law changes related to Novel Food guidelines, we suspect that we'll be seeing lots more brands adopting this approach. So in this sense, Biosportart are just ahead of the curve.


Let's talk about the products themselves. Biosportart have 1 product currently, their 2000mg CBD gel. This is designed to be applied topically and is currently the highest concentration CBD topical in the UK - wow. We're big fans of topical products as there is plenty of evidence to suggest that CBD can be very effectively absorbed when applied to the skin. The ability to "spot treat" aches and pains is what makes topical products so popular. 


We'd highly recommend you explore the Biosportart website for yourself as there is a huge amount of information on there about the product and the processes used to create the product. 

What are the Biosportart reviews like?

Biosportart have a Trustpilot profile, and although it is relatively new, they're already sitting with 4 5-star ratings. Overall customers seem really happy with the product, and it's great to see really detailed reviews being left. 

Having tried a few other CBD products before which had little to no effect, I was very impressed with the product


An extract from a Trustpilot review

Biosportart review

In Conclusion

If you're an athlete looking for a safe CBD product that won't mess up any tests you're taking but will still provide a great dose of CBD, Biosportart topical gel is the choice for you. Check them out!