24k Gold Strain (aka 24k)

Strain | 60% Indica Hybrid

Cannabinoids | THC 24+% | CBD (<1%)

Terpenes | Caryophyllene, Linalool, Limonene.

DNA Geneics has produced a strain that is worth its weight in gold.. almost. The 24K Gold strain is a brilliant 60% indica hybrid that was created by crossing Kosher Kush and Tangie. Two hugely popular strains. 

To look at, the buds are tighly packed in the classic indica style, but depending on the phenotype the shape of the bud may be different. The colours are largely pale green, yellow colour with bright orange hairs. The buds look almost shiny as they are covered by a thick layer of milky THC. it is easy to see why this strain is called 24K Gold. To touch the buds are slightly sticky (as you may expect with a strain containing over 24% THC) and you really get a sense of a spicy, piney citrus notes when the bud is moved or broken apart. 

To smell, you can expect warm citrus notes of orange (similar to Tangerine Dream). Once you smell closer, and break apart the buds, an amazing spicy, pine shines through like a sweet heavy cloud of incense. On the exhale is where you get the sweetness cut off by peppery bitterness. 

Indica’s usually have a slower build up than a Sativa, but thanks to the sativa genetics in the 24K Gold Strain, it is a hard hitter, and fast. Users will experience a sharpening of their senses and amplification of their surroundings; lights seem brighter, and colours deeper, sounds more rich. As the high continues, the psychedelic effects shine start to make time feel different, and distort your vision. 


The strain is a great indica for a slow, social evening with friends. It is a lazy strain that starts cerebral and ends as a couch lock. Good for a night in with a good movie and a huge soft sofa.