Zen CBD (Our Honest Review)

Zen CBD are a CBD company based in the UK. They’re part of the Living Planet Distribution, a UK based company with a number of different brands specialising in natural products. Their brands include Mushrooms 4 Life (mushroom supplements), Planet Paelo and Flaska. Zen CBD is their take on CBD, focusing on using organic and quality materials in the products and creating a natural CBD product.

We like this approach on paper, so thought it would be worth reviewing. We’ll be taking a look at their reviews, customer service and products offered by Zen CBD to see if they’re worth your time.

Let’s get into the review:

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What are the Zen CBD products like?

Zen CBD only sell oils at the moment, and we actually don’t have a problem with this at all. Sometimes it’s nice to see that a CBD company is focused on 1 type of product, instead of spreading themselves thin trying to offer everything under the sun (everything from Chewing Gums to CBD Muscle Rubs). The oils are available in concentrations ranging from 500mg – 3000mg, a great range to work within. All of the oils are organic and listed as full-spectrum (they also contain other essential phytochemicals), which is great to see however we couldn’t find any lab reports on the site to actually prove that they’re full spectrum. Aside from that, they do look pretty good.
We do know that Zen CBD claims to be a member of the Cannabis Trades Association which is a good thing – it means that their oils will not be isolated CBD for sure…. or at least they have been somewhat regulated. They are also listed on some of the biggest retailers of CBD in the UK – For The Ageless. Although the products are out of stock on the site, it shows that there is some weight behind the company despite the CBD oil website being a little light in content.

What are the Zen CBD reviews like?

We couldn’t find Zen CBD listed on any review platforms like Trustpilot or Feefo which is a shame as we typically like to see CBD companies on these platforms.

In Conclusion

It’s nice to see a brand committed to their processes like Zen CBD, but ultimately it can’t be an endorsement until we see lab reports.


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