What do CBD bath bombs actually do?

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Updated June 1st, 2021

We have a popular guide about CBD bath bombs, where we recommend where to buy some good brands here in the UK. But a question that we wanted to explore in a lot more detail is one that we get quite a lot - what do CBD bath bombs actually do?

You lie there in the bath as the CBD bath bomb slowly dissolves, and although it feels relaxing you're not entirely sure if the CBD is actually doing anything.

We wanted to clear up any confusion about CBD bath bombs for anyone considering purchasing one of these products, let's get into it:

How do CBD bath bombs work?

CBD bath bombs are typically made like any normal bath bomb, except with the addition of CBD (usually in isolate form). Most bath bombs are made with baking soda that has been blended with citric acid and essential oils to provide the dissolve and the pleasant smell. CBD bath bombs work by slowly dissolving in warm water, which gradually releases the CBD into the water around you as you lie in the bath and relax. As the CBD comes into contact with your skin, much of it is absorbed - this helps to further relax the muscles and moisturise the skin.

So in short, CBD bath bombs allow your skin to absorb CBD and moisturise your skin also.

Awesome, so CBD bath bombs are awesome and I should buy 50 of them?

Steady on there. CBD bath bombs can be a really effective way of winding down after a long day, but the effectiveness of them from an absorption standpoint is questionable. Most topical CBD products require you to actually rub the cream, balm or whatever into the skin for absorption - this helps the CBD to be absorbed. When you're lying in a bath, the CBD is just kind of floating around you. You could of course take handfuls of the water and massage it into the skin, but then this sort of defeats the purpose of having a relaxing bath.

Here is a study about the transdermal application of CBD that is quite a useful read - note that results are seen using a gel that is rubbed into the skin for 4 days, much more exposure to CBD than lying in a bath for half an hour.

We're not saying that CBD bath bombs are totally worthless, all we're saying is that there are much more effective ways of getting CBD into your system (basically any product you consume sublingually, for example CBD paste, oils and sprays).


In Conclusion

We're fans of CBD bath bombs and we love to see high-street retailers like Lush selling them. But take the effects of these bath bombs with a pinch of salt (or baking soda).

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