Vital Body Therapeutics

Vital Body Therapeutics

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Updated March 15th, 2021

Who is Vital Body Therapeutics?

There is an excellent 'Our Heritage' section of the Vital Body Therapeutics that gives some great insight into the background of the brand. Vital Body Therapeutics was founded by Jennifer and Kelly, both of whom have spent over a decade helping people to alleviate pain. In 2011 they opened Vital Body Therapy, a clinical spa in Santa Cruz that very quickly became the go-to place for locals wanting to manage their pain in a natural way.

As 2 experts in pain alleviation, it wasn't long before CBD caught the attention of Jennifer and Kelly. They saw the potential of this compound and knew that their clients would benefit from products made with CBD. After much experimenting to create the perfect recipes for their creams and balms, Vital Body Therapeutics was born.

We love this backstory and very rarely find a CBD business with so much experience within the team, definitely check out the 'Our Heritage' page for more information.

What are the Vital Body Therapeutics products like?

The Vital Body Therapeutics product range consists of topical products like balms and creams, as well as a tincture and a few other products. It's not a massive product range but that's actually a huge positive for us - we see lots of brands trying to cram as much as possible into their product range, but we prefer brands to focus on a handful of products to ensure quality.

Let's start with the creams and balms as these are the most popular products in the Vital Body Therapeutics range as based on customer reviews these are the most popular products. The CBD creams are available in 2 different concentrations (200 mg CBD per 1.5oz and 800mg CBD per 1.5oz), which is great to see. They're made with broad spectrum CBD and we're really glad to see that because often topical products are made with isolate only. A broad spectrum product won't just provide you with the benefits of CBD, it'll also provide you with other plant goodness such as terpenes (but no THC). What we really like about these creams is that the Vital Body Therapeutics team have used their expertise to combine the CBD with other natural ingredients (such as arnica and ginger) so that the products provide even more benefits. It's this little difference that really sets these topical products apart from most of the CBD topical creams we see.

We'll also give a mention to the tincture - made with turmeric (anti-inflammatory), the oil is broad spectrum and contains 1200mg of CBD. The oils uses MCT as a carrier oil which doesn't only provide a pleasant coconut-y taste, it also allows for better absorption of the CBD. We're also pleased to see this is a lab-tested oil.

Overall this is an excellent range of products and we recommend you check them out.

What are the reviews like for Vital Body Therapeutics?

Vital Body Therapeutics collect reviews on their product pages so you can read those directly on the website. For example, their Extra Strength CBD cream is currently sitting with an impressive rating of 5 stars from over 240 reviews. Customers seem delighted with their purchase as well as the quality of the product. Definitely take a look at those reviews for yourself.

Vital Body Therapeutics

In Conclusion

If you're looking for topical CBD products then Vital Body Therapeutics is a fantastic choice. The team have a genuine passion for what they do too. Check them out!

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