VETCBD (Our Honest Review)

VETCBD are a CBD company based in the USA. You might have guessed by their name alone that they’re a CBD company creating products for pets. We don’t usually review companies who sell products for pets on our site because here in the UK we’re still not allowed to promote CBD products for pets. But when we find a company across the pond doing a great job, we always want to highlight them. We’ll be taking a look at the VETCBD products, customer service and reviews to see if they’re worth your pet’s time. 

We should also mention that the company has 2 different divisions here – VETCBD who sell cannabis pet products within CA only, and VETCBD Hemp who sell their products across the country (and was only launched in August). 

Let’s get into the review:

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What are the VETCBD products like?

 All CA VETCBD products are made with full spectrum cannabis, and the VETCBD Hemp products are made with full spectrum American hemp. For humans we always recommend full spectrum CBD products because you don’t just get CBD, you also get a range of other phytocannabinoids like CBC and CBG. VETCBD choose to sell full spectrum CBD products over isolate products because having the full range of phytocannabinoids within the product makes it more likely to provide therapeutic benefits.
At the moment VETCBD have 2 tinctures, a 125mg and a 250mg. This is obviously much lower than what you’d recommend for a human, but for a dog or cat this is a safe dosage and will provide them with more than enough CBD to benefit. Another great thing to note about these products is that they’re triple lab tested – awesome.

We’d expect a good pet CBD product to look very similar to what you’d recommend for a human, and that’s exactly what VETCBD have here.

 What are the VETCBD reviews like?

 VETCBD have a number of very positive testimonials on their site which is great to see, but typically we’ll always check third party sites for reviews just to be sure that they’re genuine. Luckily we found a number of positive reviews in places like Google and Facebook, plus on a number of pet related forums.

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