Truth Naturals (Our Honest Review)

Truth Naturals are a CBD company based in the UK. We first heard about the after searching online for things like “the truth about CBD” (don’t ask why, we just wanted to find some clickbait nonsense) and then these guys popped up. Straight away we noticed how professional they looked, from their branding to their product range, and our interest was piqued. So we decided they’d be perfect to review. We’ll be taking a look at their products, their reviews and their customer service to see if they’re worth your time and money. Let’s get into the review:

What are the Truth Naturals products like?

Truth Naturals have oils, capsules and gumdrops available to buy from their website, and there is actually a pretty large selection to choose from. We’re most interested in CBD oils generally so we’ll be focusing on those primarily in this review. Truth Naturals have quite a complicated range of concentrations for their oils, with bottles of different sizes and different amounts of CBD. On top of that, they’re also available in a range of flavours (natural, lemon, orange etc.). Luckily regardless of what type of CBD oil you go for on their site, they’re all full-spectrum and there are lab reports to prove that, which is great.
If oils aren’t your thing then you could also go for the capsules, which are also a full spectrum product and look great.

What are the Truth Naturals reviews like?

Truth Naturals use Trustpilot to collect reviews which is great to see. They’ve got one of the best Trustpilot ratings we’ve ever seen, with a rating of 4.7 out of 5 from almost 600 reviews. That makes them one of the best rated CBD companies in the UK

Anything else to note?

Something we really like about the Truth Naturals website is that they have a quiz you can take if you’re not sure where to start with CBD. Basically you’ll be asked a few questions and Truth Naturals will suggest one of their products depending on what you answer. It’s a pretty cool feature and not only is it quite fun, it also saves a bit of time.


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