Truly (Our honest review)

Truly review

Truly is a global beauty brand based in California. Their goal is to make amazing beauty products with vegan & clean formulations that still feel luxurious and work as well as any other beauty product you'll find on the shelves. We first heard about this brand after seeing their range of CBD products (naturally), and after receiving a few emails about their products we decided they would be worth a review. As always we'll be taking a close look at the products as well as third-party reviews to see if they're worth your time. Let's get into it:

Who is Truly?

There is a useful 'About Us' page on the Truly website that explains a bit more about the ethos behind the brand. It's clear that the team have a passion for creating products that aren't just effective but are also made ethically and with natural, vegan ingredients. There are so many beauty brands out there creating products packed with rubbish, so it's great to see a brand like Truly taking such care to ensure the utmost quality of their range. It's also great to see a team with such a deep knowledge of their industry, as is evident from the countless guides available to read via their blog. Very impressive!

What are the Truly CBD products like?

We're a CBD blog so although we'd love to talk about the entire Truly range, we'll be focusing on their CBD & hemp range.

Truly has a pretty impressive range of CBD/hemp products - they stock CBD patches, masks and more. There is now huge amounts of evidence to suggest that CBD can be very effectively absorbed by the skin when applied topically, so we're delighted to see such a variety of topical CBD products.

For the purposes of this review, we'll be focusing on a handful of the CBD products within the Truly range. Let's start with the Super CBD patches - CBD can be great for treating acne so these are a great idea. They're designed to be left on overnight, so it acts as you sleep. The hemp within the patch helps to regulate the skin's production of oil.

Another product from the Truly range that we want to highlight is the Anti-Blemish Body Mask, which contains CBD and is once again intended to help with acne. Each jar contains 200mg of CBD isolate which is a great dose, especially for a topical product (usually we see much less included to the point where we imagine the effects of the CBD would be negligible, that is not the case here). This mask can be used on any part of your body to help deal with acne but also just for general health.

Lastly, let's look at the CBD toning solution. This product is intended to be used after cleaning and will help prevent breakouts and blemishes. Each bottle contains 100mg of CBD, and the reason CBD is an ideal ingredient here is because CBD is a natural antioxidant, perfect for neutralizing those free radicals.

Overall we think the CBD range available from the Truly website is excellent, and we recommend you check it out.

What are the third-party reviews like for the Truly CBD products?

Truly collect reviews for their CBD products directly on the product pages, which makes it really easy to see reviews for specific products. Remarkably each product we mentioned previously is sitting with a perfect rating from customers on the Truly website. Looking closer at the reviews we can see that people are not only delighted with the quality of the products, they're also really happy with their experiences with the Truly team. We also found a number of threads on Reddit where users had posted positively about the CBD products available from Truly. Definitely explore these reviews for yourself.

this product is phenomenal & I highly recommend.

An extract from a review for the CBD Jelly Anti-Blemish Body Mask

Truly review

In Conclusion

Buying topical CBD products can be a minefield but Truly have proven that they're a great option. Their range of products is impressive and we recommend you check them out!