Themptation CBD Hummus (Our honest review)

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March 15th 2021

CBD hummus? Yes, CBD hummus...and it's excellent! We first saw this product stocked in one of our local supermarkets. It wasn't a chain supermarket, it was an independent shop that we like to visit because they sell interesting products. When we saw the CBD Hummus from Themptation on the shelf we knew we had to try some, and it wasn't long before we popped back to get some more. We thought it would be a good idea to conduct a short review about this product because of how much we enjoyed it and because we'd like others to try it. Let's get into the post:

Who is Themptation?

We think it's always good to start with a little overview of the brand so you know who you're buying from. 

There is a great 'Our Ethos' section on the Themptation website that explains the story behind the brand. Themptation was founded by Tom, who developed a passion for cooking at university and saw an opportunity to combine hemp with food to create a range of amazing and healthy products. After successfully selling his products at local markets in London way back in 2016, Tom knew that he was ready to take the leap and start selling the products online as well as in shops across the UK. Temptation has grown from strength to strength since then and you can find the products in 75 stores across the country.

This is an awesome backstory and for us there is nothing better than somebody with a passion creating an awesome product.


What is the Themptation CBD hummus like?

Now onto the product - we should start by saying that we're massive fans of hummus and will basically break out a pot at any opportunity. And for us, this hummus could be compared to any other high-end brand you find on the supermarket shelves. It has that wonderful nutty quality that comes from the chickpeas but is still very smooth. There is a slight herby taste which comes from the sage leaf and the hemp oil that has been mixed with the hummus, but it's not overpowering and is really rather pleasant. The recipe for the hummus is apparently an old family recipe and definitely has the homemade quality that we really appreciate.

The taste is great, but what about the CBD? Each pot of the CBD hummus packs 13mg of CBD. So if you're the type of person who liked to take a few drops of CBD oil during a lunch break, why not swap our oil for some hummus in a sandwhich? You'll get the same CBD benefit without the hassle of getting your oil out.

Overall we love this product and highly recommend you check it out.

CBD hummus Themptation

In Conclusion

If you're a hummus fan, be sure to give this a try. Themptation actually have a bunch of other CBD foods available that we can't wait to try! Subscribe to their newsletter and you'll get 10% off your first order.