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The London Botanists review

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Updated June 28th, 2021

When we find interesting CBD products or brands, we always want to share them with our audience. So when we stumbled across the The London Botanists website, we knew that we'd have to publish an article about their great offering. We'll be taking a close look at the brand and their products, let's get into it:

Who is The London Botanists?

We like to start with an overview of the brands we feature as we know readers like to know about the story behind the brand. Luckily there is a great 'About' section on the The London Botanists website that explains the story.

The brand was founded in 2018 as a family-run business with one simple goal - to make it as easy as possible to buy excellent CBD products. After struggling to find CBD products that matched their high standards, this family team set out to create their own range.

Quality is at the heart of everything they do, so the products had to be lab-tested, contain no unnecessary additives, and be all-natural.

We love this ethos and highly recommend you take a look at the 'About' section of the website for more information about what the brand stands for.

What are the The London Botanists products like?

The London Botanists stock CBD oils, chocolate, balm and muscle oil. We'll take a look at each of these products in closer detail, starting with the CBD oils.

The CBD oil range consists of 2 full-spectrum oils and 2 THC-free oils (broad spectrum). It's great to have the option as sometimes people can react badly to the small amount of THC found in full-spectrum products (plus it's useful for people who are tested through their work or athletes). Plus the THC free oils are broad spectrum which means you still get the benefits of other cannabinoids like CBG as well as other plant goodness like terpenes etc. You can choose either a 5% oil or a 10%, 2 nice concentrations to choose from (if you go for the 10ml bottles it'll be 2.5mg of cannabinoids per drop or 5mg of cannabinoids per drop respectively). We also have to mention that these oils use Hemp oil and MCT as the carriers, 2 excellent carrier oils that not only help with absorption but also provide their own health benefits.

Elsewhere in the range, we love the look of the chocolate (this was also a popular product on the Trustpilot page) - it's a bar of handmade dark chocolate infused with full-spectrum CBD which is really impressive. We're used to seeing CBD edibles made with isolate, so to see a quality chocolate bar packed with cannabinoids is really refreshing.

Lastly we'll mention the 2 topical products, a muscle oil and a balm. If you haven't tried applying CBD topically then you're missing out - CBD can be absorbed by the skin very effectively, especially when paired with essential oils that act as carriers (as The London Botanists have done with these 2 products). Paired with the oils or the chocolate, these products will help you recover after a hard gym session or just a long day.

Overall we're super impressed by this range and recommend you check it out for yourself.


Image from The London Botanists website

What are the The London Botanists reviews like?

The best place to find reviews for The London Botanists products is on their Trustpilot profile, which is our preferred third-party review platform for CBD brands to use. We've included a screenshot from their page where you can see they're currently sitting with an 'Excellent' rating from well over 100 reviews. Overall reviewers seem delighted with the quality of the products as well as the service provided by the team. Definitely be sure to check out their Trustpilot profile.

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The London Botanists review

In Conclusion

Well we're super impressed by The London Botanists - lab reports, full spectrum chocolate and a family-run business bascially ticks every box for us. Definitely check them out!

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