Sunset Sherbet Strain (aka Sherbert / Red Sherbert)

Strain | 85% Indica Hybrid

Cannabinoids | THC 18%- 20% | CBD (<1%)

Terpenes | Myrcene, Pinene, Caryophyllene, Limonene.

Sunset Sherbet Terpene Profile


More about the Sunset Sherbet Strain

Sounds great, doesn’t it? The Sunset Sherbet (aka Sherbert or Red Sherbet) is one of the best-named strains we can find. It sums up the flavours and effects perfectly; expect to be warped to a warm burning sunset with a fruity cocktail (Mimosa strain is a thing too) where all your worries melt away liked warm iced cream.

The Sunset Serbet holds the crown as the finest of all of the Girl Scout Cookies lineage. The strain is a famous Indica leaning hybrid that comes from a cross of GSC, (which comes from OG KushCherry Pie and Durban Poison) and Pink Panties.

What does (Red) Sunset Sherbet Look Like? 

Although this strain doesn’t stand out so much, there is subtle beauty when looking at the strain. The nugs tend to be olive green and tightly packed with long, fluffy leaves and winding rusty pistls. Much like Girl Scout Cookies in terms of its bunchiness and the layer of trichomes can make the buds look sugary, like a sugared donut. It makes the creamy biscuity notes make all the sense in the world.  

Aroma & Flavours

The flavours of Sherbert Sunset clearly come from its GSC parentage as there is a clear sense of candied fruits and sweet summer fruits with a skunky citrus sourness. There is also a creamy biscuit herbal element which rounds off the flavours perfectly and lingers at the back of your throat. This is one you can sip on all night long and not get bored of it, or share with friends for rave reviews. With a THC content of 18%-24% you are sure to knock some socks off.

The Sunset Sherbet High

As you may expect, the effects of this hybrid are fairly varied from person to person and exhibit both Indica and Sativa characteristics. The high is a very powerful full-body one; with a big elevation and huge boost in cerebral energy. This is not a couch-lock and not a heady Sativa, it is a brilliant mix of the two. Just as the name suggests, you should expect all tension, stress, worry or anger melt away yet retain a carefree mind that is active and wandering. The physical relaxation comes without the hazy, sleepy stoop that is classic of many other Indica leaning hybrids.