The Strongest CBD Oil in the UK?

strongest CBD oil in the UK

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Updated July 16th, 2021

What is the strongest CBD oil available to buy and consume in the UK? Well, it depends who you ask. With CBD there are plenty of variables which determines 'strength' and what types of CBD products you're looking at. For example a broad spectrum 2000mg oil is one of the strongest on the market, but then a CBD paste with half the content of CBD might actually in some ways be stronger due to the efficiency of how the CBD is absorbed and the impact of the entourage effect.

While some CBD oils may contain a very high concentration of CBD, they may not be full-spectrum or may be added to hemp oil (which doesn't metabolise so well in the liver compared to something like MCT) meaning that the amount of CBD you absorb is significantly less. The strength of the CBD doesn't only depend on the measure of CBD, but can also be affected by the other cannabinoids and terpenes in the Oils. If you take into account the entourage effect, and your body's ability to absorb CBD it may be hard to pin down the strongest for everyone.

There are very few companies who produce such strong CBD oils because they are expensive and the super-strong CBD oils may actually be completely overdoing it! Most companies like Provacan, Holland & Barrett, Hempura and Blessed CBD only offer oils between 200mgs and 3000mgs. Anything more is hard to find.

But for the sake of making this blog post interesting, we have gone on the hunt for the strongest CBD oil in the UK and found some strange examples of CBD that is overdone. Here is an overview of the strongest CBD oil brands we've found in the UK:


Hello Hemp 65% CBD oil
CBD Ultra 50% CBD oil
Honey Heaven 5000mg CBD oil
Cibdol 2760mg CBD oil

Hello Hemp: 65% strength CBD oil (6500mg)

Yes, you read this right. You can get a 6500mg CBD oil if you want it. Yes, that's right: a 65% CBD oil... and it is from the UK. That is an average of 32.5 mg of CBD per drop. That is insane.

Personally, we don't know whether this is just overkill but no doubt, it will be something that somebody is willing to try. From what we have seen the oil is extremely expensive, and from what is coming through from the novel food process, there is a chance that this oil may actually be harmful (build-up of toxicity in the blood).

While this is the strongest CBD oil in the UK that we have found, Hello Hemp do not offer this as standard, so you may need to request this from the producers and see if they will do it for you. If you do go for it, good luck.

CBD Ultra 50% oil

CBD Ultra 50% oil (5000mg)

50%/5000mg is currently the strongest CBD oil we could find for sale online, and we could only find this CBD Ultra 50% oil for sale via the For The Ageless website (they don't even have it for sale on the CBD Ultra website anymore!). 5000mg is a huge amount of CBD and it won't surprise you to hear that a bottle of this CBD oil will set you back more than £200.

On average a 10ml bottle contains between 150- and 200 drops. Based on 200, each drop of this oil will contain 25mgs of CBD. 3 drops will put you over the FSAs RDA.

While more seems like better, CBD doesn't work that way. There is no evidence to suggest that your body can absorb all of this CBD, or if it makes a huge difference to everyday wellbeing. We'd say that 2000mg is about the max you should go for.


Loveburgh Sports (6000mgs)

If you like it strong, then there are very few as strong as he Loveburgh 6000mg CBD Oil. The oil is new to the brand and is part of their professional sports range.

They offer a few strengths of this particular product with different flavours. The strength is down to the fact that sports people need much more CBD than most others and the formula is an Isolate CBD so there is no chance of contamination for professional athletes.

Something to note about this oil is that the bottle is 30mls (rather than 10mls) so the concentration per drop is not as high as some of the other entries here.


Honey Heaven 50% CBD oil

Honey Heaven 5000mg CBD oil

We hadn't heard of Honey Heaven before researching for this guide, but this is a seriously strong CBD oil. At 5000mg it's currently drawn for the strongest we could find being sold online. Honey Heaven also seem to have a huge range of other CBD products, bit this is by far the strongest.

Once again, we're not sure whether you need 5000mg of CBD in an oil, but it may be worth a try if you have the cash! Otherwise, we would suggest starting a bit lower and working up top this.

It's good to see lots of positive reviews for this CBD oil too, be sure to check it out.


Cibdol 30% cbd oil

Cibdol 2760mg CBD oil

While there are other companies claiming that they have a content of more than 3000mg, we find it hard to believe that this is true. There is a company selling a 3000mg CBD oil for £75- well, we all know that isn't going to be quality. CIBDOL are a fairly reputable company and offer a large range of CBD oils, caps, vapes and all manner of CBD. this 2760mg Oil is their strongest CBD oil in the UK.

It could be worth a bash. Who knows, you may be trainspotting a public toilet before long.

cbdiablo strongest cbd oil

CBDiablo 2000mg

Already considered as 'super strength', 2000mg is a fair amount of CBD. To be absolutely honest, anything more than 2000mg of CBD may be a waste of money.

I have never met anybody who needs 6500mgs. What makes this oil so very potent is the high level of CBD in an MCT oil base with means that the CBD is absorbed very, very quickly. This means that you will get a super effective dose of CBD rather than it being bounced about your liver with Hemp Oil.

The combination of the MCT oil and the terpenes added to this oil makes it very effective for its percentage of CBD.

According to CBDiablo, a 2000mg hemp oil simply cannot compare. If you are here looking for the strongest CBD oil in the UK, then we'd suggest starting here and working up rather than heading into the deep end.

strongest CBD oil in the UK

In Conclusion

Strong CBD oil isn't for everybody, but if you're looking for a good way to get a large dose of CBD and you don't mind spending the cash, it can actually be a good idea to buy a stronger CBD oil.


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