Sol CBD (Our Honest Review)

Our review team makes its way through a lot of CBD companies, but not many have such a passionate pitch as Sol CBD. There is quite a lot to say about the products, the manifesto and branding which follows Sol CBD, but we will try to be as focused as we can and review the products themselves.

With a huge explosion of CBD products across the globe, there are endless amounts of companies who want to be noticed and adored. Few actually back up their intentions with quality products or knowledge. It may seem a little strange for a UK based blog to write a review about a US company but they are growing more popular here and we are always interested in products that leak across the pond to the UK.

Let us dig into our SOL CBD review:

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Who is Sol CBD?

It is quite hard to pin down where Sol CBD is based, but we know they are in the USA. As far as the website goes, the company is a team of two (potentially a man, and wife) who are health enthusiasts and have a passion for well-being. From their experiences in their chosen professions, they decided to start their own CBD brand. If you can get past the cringy ‘couple goals’ vibe (sorry), then you can see that the couple have a heart of gold and are looking out for the best interests of their customers.

While there are millions of companies trying to sell what they claim is the best CBD on the market, the guys at Sol CBD have let science be their leading light and have sourced what they are sure is a proven high-quality CBD range with innovative products.

What draws our attention to Sol CBD is the formulas that they offer – they are not your normal company who sell a range of CBD oils, or extracts.

Sol CBD Review!

What really interests us about the Sol CBD range is their use of Liposomal technology which is quickly becoming very popular in the US, and UK. In simple terms, Liposomes are little bubbles that are absorbed very effectively by our body and deliver compounds directly into our cells. CBD is known for not being particularly bioavailable so this technology hugely increases the effectiveness of the CBD. While the jury is still out, some studies show that Liposomal supplements are absorbed 80% more than water-soluble CBD (which in itself is 10x more bioavailable than oils or edibles).

We have managed to find a whole range of products such as Liposomal Vitamin C, and Multivitamins but it is harder to find the technology combined with CBD. We are not experts on this technology but from what we have read on the Sol CBD website, this looks really exciting and could be the future of food supplements in general.

While this is amazing, we can see that the products seem to be using an Isolated CBD formula which isn’t ideal. Where possible we like to see a broad or full-spectrum formula as it is more natural and effective.

What we can also see from the website is that the company know what they are talking about, and offer some really informative and balanced information on their product pages and blog. It is something we really like to see. There are too many companies who clearly do not have the same passion or knowledge about the CBD, and just want to make a quick buck. Sol CBD is not one of those companies.

If we needed to pick up on something, we think that the branding and website need some work. It is not like our website is the best looking in the world, but it doesn’t need to be. When you’re selling a product it may be better to have something that is clear, easy to use and easy on the eye. The Sol CBD website is a little bit cluttered, has lots of tacky graphics and looks a little amateur. With products of this quality, a fresh lick of paint would make a huge difference to this brand…. in our opinion.


What Do Others Say?

If you look past the usual review blogs and sponsored news articles you can see where the gold is. We tend to look at the companies Trustpilot profile or look for threads on social media as these give a more honest overview.

We could not find a review platform for Sol CBD but there are thousands of reviews on their website. While we tend not to look at website reviews (as they can be manufactured) we know that you cannot easily control hundreds of unique reviews. We do see that there is not one bad review, which is suspicious in honesty. All companies have a few.

We can’t deny that there is a lot of love for these products seemingly and the waves are coming across to the UK for a reason.



Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK