Skullcap Strain

Strain | Hybrid (50%/50%)

Cannabinoids | THC (1%8-20+%)

Terpenes | (Currently Unknown)

If you’re a lover of classic hybrids then you’ll have already heard of the Skullcap strain. This strain from Karma Genetics is a perfect 50%/50% hybrid strain that is well-loved for its grassy, OG funk, fourness and hints of cookie.

Skullcap is a genetic cross between Sour Headstash and Biker Kush and brings out the very best of each of its parents.

Skullcap has a sweet, peppery and sour taste which is a really nice twist on a classic OG. There is something in there which reminds you of burned caramel popcorn with a doughy hashy finish that hangs thick in the air long after smoking. There are grassy elements, sourness and herb.

The Skullcap nugs are generally tightly packed and fluffy. With bright olive green leaves and thick orange hairs which are covered in a very thick, resinous layer of trichomes which leaves your fingers feeling sticky. This explains the high THC content of up to 20% in some cases. 

While a lot of other very strong strains hit hard and fast, the Skullcap strain’s effects build up more slowly which work their way into your head. You may expect to feel a subtle release in tension and a strange tingle of happiness. The numb feeling will slowly melt down into your body and make you just as sticky as the buds. By that we mean that you’re going to need to get comfortable because you’ll be glued to whichever surface you find. 

The skullcap strain will likely make you feel pretty hungry too. It may be a good idea to get some snacks before indulging in some Skullcap. 

Skullcap Seeds UK

It is very easy to get access to Skullcap seeds if you directly search for Karma Genetics and click on their retailer list. There are a few websites out there that sell Skullcap seeds so you will not be searching for long.