Simply CBD review (Our Honest Thoughts)

Simply CBD review

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Updated January 3rd, 2024

One of the most highly searched for CBD companies in the UK are Simply CBD, a company based in Wales (in the Forest of Dean to be exact). One remarkable aspect of this business is that 100% of the profits they make go towards building dog shelters, a great idea and something we fully endorse. They're super cheap, and they're giving money to charity with every purchase. It almost sounds to good to be true in this strange industry of ours. So what are Simply CBD really like and what has made them so popular? As always we'll be taking a look at their:


Third-party reviews
Reddit reviews
Is simply CBD legit?


Let's get into the review:


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Who are Simply CBD?

Firstly it should be said that Simply CBD claim that all of their products are lab tested and certified, and although we haven't seen any lab reports, we do believe this claim. The company actually address the reason for their cheap price on the 'About' page of their website, where they mention that they intentionally wanted to be the cheapest in the UK, and that they manage to keep their costs down by not having expensive management. They also don't have an office, or any other real business overheads, so they can keep the prices down and pass the savings to the customers. Sounds good to us!


It's also incredible to see that Simply CBD donate 100% of their profits to Huckleberry Farm, a dog rescue centre based in West Wales. It's clear that the team behind Simply CBD have a huge passion for dogs, and we can get behind that!

What are the Simply CBD products like?

Simply CBD has a small but great range of CBD products, focusing mostly on oils. There are lots of different CBD oils with lots of different names and concentrations so it can get a little confusing to see what you're actually choosing, and to make it even more complicated some of these prices are so low that you're almost not sure what you're actually buying. For example, there is a 2.5% CBD oil (ideal CBD for Beginners) on there is which listed as being full spectrum, organic and C02 extracted, and it only costs £7. There's a lab report on the product page too which proves that the oil is full-spectrum and contains everything you'd expect to find. 2.5% is not very strong but it's pretty incredible to see an oil like this for so cheap.

Simply CBD oil range

Simply CBD oil 2%


One of the most interesting things about the Simply CBD oil range is that they sell very low concentration oils - for example, we've included an image above of their Liquid Gold 2% oil, which you can currently buy for less than £20. This is listed as a full spectrum oil and it technically is, but looking at the lab reports (which are included on the product page), it's quite low in other cannabinoids/plant compounds. This is probably to be expected considering it's a 2% oil, and probably makes this quite a good CBD oil to begin with (although don't expect to feel much of a difference with such a low concentration). Another interesting element of this oil is the carrier they've decided to use - rice bran oil. Typically we'd expect to see MCT or hemp seed oil used, but Simply CBD state that the reason they like to use rice bran oil is because of the light taste and because it contains anti-oxidants. We certainly can't argue with that, it just seems like a bit of an odd choice.


Simply CBD gummies

Simply CBD gummies


We wanted to highlight the CBD gummies too because despite being quite popular (based on the number of customer reviews) and despite being the only gummies within the Simply CBD range, the product page is very scarce and gives little information about what's in the gummies. Even the product image appears to cut off half of the packet (image above). Each gummy contains 10mg of CBD, but again we have very little information about what CBD is used. Also, the ingredients list is a little vague with some things like 'flavourings' listed. Overall, we're not super impressed with these but they do have some ok customer reviews (although many people seem a tad disappointed with the texture of the gummies).


Simply CBD vape e-liquid

Simply CBD vape e-liquid

Lastly we wanted to highlight the Simply CBD vape e-liquid. One thing we really like about the Simply CBD range is how simple (get it?) the options are - here we only have 1 size and concentration of CBD e-liquid to choose from, but 3 flavours. It's great to see lab reports on the product page and the customer reviews seem pretty positive so this seems to be a good product if you're into vaping.

What are the Simply CBD third-party reviews like?


Simply CBD Trustpilot reviews


Simply CBD are currently sitting at 4 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot, a respectable score considering they have more than 40 reviews. However, we would expect the company to have many more reviews, because 40 is not too many compared to other CBD companies of similar sizes. Most of the reviews mention that the Simply CBD products are well priced and that the service is high quality. Some reviewers seem to be put off over the price as it is so low, which is interesting!

What does Reddit think of Simply CBD?

simply cbd on Reddit

The above is a screenshot from a Reddit thread about Simply CBD, where one user is asking about their products. The top comment mentions that some of the claims made on the Simply CBD website are questionable. We can't say we agree with the opinion of this user, but it does seem to be a popular opinion among some people online - the products sold by Simply CBD are weak, but that doesn't make them ineffective.

Is Simply CBD legit?

The simple answer is yes - Simply CBD definitely is legit. It can seem a bit hard to believe when you read about a CBD brand donating so much money to a worthy cause. But they absolutely do and they're worth supporting.

In Conclusion

So overall we're happy to say that Simply CBD appear to be a good choice. A few downsides would be - we haven't seen any lab reports for their CBD oils (we might get those if we request them). Also, their strongest oil that we could find is 5%/5000mg, which for some people won't be enough to notice an effect.

We've included a Google Map embed so you know where to find Simply CBD!

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