Simple Jane (Our Honest Review)

Simple Jane (Our Honest Review)

Simple Jane are a CBD company based in the USA. We first heard about these guys after looking online for a CBD muscle rub/balm, and we stumbled across the Simple Jane website. After taking a look at the site we decided they’d definitely be worth a full review. As always we’ll be taking a look at their product range, customer service and reviews to see if they’re worth your time. Let’s get into the review:

Who is Simple Jane?


Simple Jane was founded by mother and daughter team Angella & Chelsea, who wanted to create a CBD wellness brand specifically for women. They saw a gap in the market for a company with a focus on making cannabis products accessible for women – so many CBD companies can seem off-putting because of their focus on cannabis, but not everyone wants to buy from a company like that. Angella has a background in health and Chelsea has a background in marketing, so together they’re a bit of a dream team.


We love to see such a detailed ‘About’ section of the Simple Jane website. It definitely makes a change from the countless nameless/faceless CBD brands we see out there.


What are the Simple Jane products like?


We’ve mentioned already about the muscle rub products, so let’s start there – at the top of the Simple Jane shop page you’ll find 6 CBD products to help with muscle relaxation. This includes massage oil, balm, body scrub and bath soak. Each product has been made with CBD alongside a host of other natural ingredients. More recently we’ve found extensive research to suggest that when applied topically, CBD can be effectively absorbed by the skin. So it absolutely makes sense to see beauty products like this.


Looking closer at these products, what we love about the range is that Simple Jane have actually included the amount of CBD that you’ll find in each product, and it’s pretty substantial. For example, 100mg of broad-spectrum (THC free) CBD can be found in the massage oil, certainly enough to notice an effect. So often we see companies neglecting to include the amount of CBD in their topical products, so this is refreshing. The massage oil is also made with MCT. 


Another product we absolutely have to mention is the arousal oil – yes, it’s for that. On a serious note, there are definitely not enough companies producing CBD sex products. We’ve seen CBD lube elsewhere, but this product is a bit more classy than that. The natural oils alongside the CBD in this product are designed to encourage blood flow to all the right areas, and to generally create a more relaxed atmosphere. Definitely something to check out.


Overall we love this product range – it’s refreshing to see some new products that we haven’t seen anywhere else, so hats off to Simple Jane. Plus, all these products are third-party lab tested, hallelujah.


What are the Simple Jane reviews like?

Simple Jane have been featured in a few high profile publications, so it’s definitely worth checking those out. For example, Cosmopolitan have featured them a few times, and they’ve also been featured in a few podcasts if you’re interested in listening to the owners describe the brand themselves.

If you’re more interested in customer reviews then you can check out the Simple Jane product pages, where customers have left very positive reviews. For example, the massage oil we were talking about earlier has a 5-star rating. Customers seem really happy with the quality of the product, as well as with the customer service provided by Simple Jane.


In Conclusion

Overall we’re super impressed by the Simple Jane product range, and they’ve clearly developed a passionate and loyal following. Check them out!


Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK