Serenity Box Co (Our Honest Review)

Serenity Box Co is a monthly CBD subscription company based in the UK. Their aim is to make CBD easy for everyone and to bring serenity into the everyday. They also want to be the introductory step for novice CBD users who don’t have the time to study the market to find the most effective and luxurious products it has to offer. As soon as we heard about this business we were intrigued, and we thought it would be a good idea to conduct a full review of what they offer. We love the idea of a CBD subscription box, and we know that plenty of others do too because Serenity Box Co have been growing steadily in popularity. We’ll be taking a look at the products they offer, their reviews and their customer service. Let’s get into the review:


What are the Serenity Box Co products like?

Serenity Box Co offer 2 different boxes of CBD products for their subscribers, each containing 4-6 CBD products (even products for dogs & pets). You can sign up for a one-off box, or you can sign up for 3 months, 6 months or a year and save a little bit of money. Each box contains different CBD products so you get the chance to try lots of different brands, including brands like CBDology, Infinity CBD and Provacan. Serenity Box Co have a great selection of some of the top UK brands. The types of CBD products you can expect to find in your box will include oils, cosmetics, edibles, massage oils, chocolate, tea/coffee and more. Basically, you’ll get a nice selection to choose from. There are obviously companies out there like Hope CBD who sell tea and Simply CBD who sell edibles, but it’s great to have a choice like Serenity Box Co which you can use to get a nice selection of CBD products delivered every month.


What are the reviews like for Serenity Box Co?

Serenity Box Co have just started collecting reviews on Trustpilot, however things already look positive on there. Also we did find a number of articles featuring Serenity Box Co in lists like ‘Best Subscription boxes’. Places where Serenity Box Co have been featured include The Daily Mirror, ShortList and Stylist. We look forward to seeing more reviews on Trustpilot as Serenity Box Co grow in popularity.


In conclusion

The Serenity Box Co model is very simple and straightforward, which is why we love it so much. The choice of CBD products on the market currently can be overwhelming, so it’s great to have a convenient option like this which takes the stress out of choosing products. We’re excited to see how Serenity Box Co grow and expect them to add even more brands over time.


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