Sanctuary Spa Wellness Calming CBD oil review

Sanctuary Spa CBD oil review

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Updated July 19th, 2021

We've recently started seeing CBD oil from a brand called Sanctuary Spa CBD popping up in a few places - on the Superdrug website, on the Boots website and even on Amazon. We've also seen their own website popping up on Google in a few places. This really grabbed our attention and made us want to explore the CBD products for ourselves. As always we'll be taking a close look and letting you know if they're worth your time and money. Let's get into it:

Who is Sanctuary Spa CBD?

Let's start with an overview of the Sanctuary Spa brand - they actually stock a range of health and beauty products and have been around for years. CBD has only recently been added to their product range. It's clear that the brand is trusted and that the products have been popular for years. The brand ensures that all of their products are cruelty-free, and are aiming to have an entirely vegan range by the end of 2021. Pretty good start!



What are the Sanctuary Spa CBD products like?

At the moment there is only one Sanctuary Spa CBD product, and that is their Wellness Calming CBD oil. This is a topical CBD product, and is designed to be applied all over the body. It's only a small bottle at 45ml, and would probably be best described as a travel bottle.

One issue we have with the product is that we don't know how much CBD is actually in the bottle because it isn't listed. This is quite strange and frankly a little disappointing. It would be nice to know how much you're applying to your skin per drop for example.

To try and highlight some positives, we like that the product is made with Vitamin E which also provides benefits for the skin, and we also think the price point is quite good.

Overall we're not too impressed with this CBD product and think it needs a bit more work before we could recommend it.

Sanctuary Spa CBD oil

image of Sanctuary Spa CBD oil available to buy from Superdrug

What are the Sanctuary Spa CBD third-party reviews like?

Despite our reservations, customers actually seem very happy with the CBD product. It is currently sitting with a perfect 5-star rating on the Sanctuary Spa website, with customers leaving very positive reviews. Definitely check those out for yourself.

Sanctuary Spa CBD reviews
Sanctuary Spa CBD oil review

In Conclusion

So we weren't overly impressed with the Sanctuary Spa CBD Wellness Calming oil, but many people seem to be. We hope to see Sanctuary Spa launching more CBD products in the future.

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