Royal Queen Seeds CBD Oil (Our honest review)

Royal Queen Seeds are a cannabis seeds company based in Spain. If you’re interested in seeds these guys are well worth a look, as they have a very large and varied range of seeds for you to choose from. However for the sake of this review we will be focusing on the Royal Queen Seeds CBD oil, which was only recently launched. As always we’ll be looking at the products, reviews and customer service to see if these guys are worth your time and money. Let’s get into the review:

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What are the Royal Queen Seeds CBD oils like?

Despite being a seeds company, Royal Queen Seeds actually have a pretty large range of CBD oils to choose from. Available with 3 different carrier oils (MCT, olive and hemp) plus 7 different concentrations, there really is something for everyone here. They’re all full spectrum too and Royal Queen Seeds have lab reports to prove that. This is great as most of their regular customers who buy seeds will definitely want to purchase CBD oil which contains a small amount of THC.
The product pages are excellent resources if you want to find out more about how Royal Queen Seeds produce their CBD oils. They’ve got a video showing the process, plus a lengthy description of what’s actually in the bottle. You can also get massive discounts if you buy in bulk.

Aside from oils, Royal Queen Seeds also sell CBD oil capsules. If that’s your thing then these look pretty great.


What are the Royal Queen Seeds CBD oil reviews like?

Royal Queen Seeds use Trustpilot to collect reviews, and they’ve got a huge number of reviews on there (over 50k). But most of these reviews relate to the seeds rather than the CBD oils, so we’ll be referring to reviews found on the product pages. Their most popular CBD oil is the 5% with olive oil, which has a rating of 4 and a half stars from almost 700 reviews. Most of the ratings are anonymous which is a shame, and there is no way for us to tell if these reviews are real. But looking at Trustpilot we can see that lots of people are rating the CBD oils really highly.

In Conclusion

Royal Queen Seeds are great for seeds, but turns out they’re also a good choice for CBD oils. Not too expensive and full spectrum, check them out!


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