RopaNa Wellness (Our Honest Review)

RopaNa Wellness are a hemp goods company based in the United States. The name comes from the ancient Sanskrit language word meaning “to heal oneself", which is an awesome backstory. We had heard some good stuff about these guys, so we decided to conduct a full review of them. As always we'll be looking at their products, customer service and reviews to see if they're worth your time and money. Let's get into the review:

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Who are RopaNa Wellness?

The brand was founded by Andrew and Rachael, 2 people with science backgrounds. Andrew's focus is research, and Rachael's focus is marketing/content creation. This is a family-run business and the people behind the brand have a genuine passion for the benefits of cannabis and hemp. This is great to see, especially in an industry with so many nameless and faceless brands out there: it reminds us of Jacob Hooy / Holland & Barrett CBD branding.

What are the RopaNa Wellness products like?

The first thing to note about the RopaNa Wellness product range is that you can choose from either full spectrum or an isolate (THC free) products. Typically a CBD company will focus on one or the other, so it's great to see a company offer either to their customers. We appreciate that both full spectrum and isolate products have their place, and although we typically favour full spectrum or broad spectrum CBD products we might use THC free products if we were being tested regularly for our work. Their product range is vast and varied, with a huge amount of things to choose from. As always though, let's start with their oils. RopaNa Wellness have a popular Entourage oil which contains 1000mg of full-spectrum CBD. It has that tarry, viscous look that we love and hallelujah! These guys include lab reports on their product pages. This is essential for us so it's great to see. The product uses MCT as a carrier oil so you also get that slight coconut-y taste. RopaNa have other oils which have been blended with other natural ingredients (e.g chamomile) so you can use them for different purposes (e.g improving sleep), all of which is a great idea. This is the 'Functional Flavor' range of CBD oils which are all made with organic herbal CO2 extracts from Germany.  Other popular products include a salve and pet oils, which also look great. But for us it's mostly just good to see that these guys have a really solid range of CBD oils. If you're interested in trying products other than CBD products. RopaNa also have a range of CBG oils and concentrates. We're less familiar with CBG but know there is plenty of evidence to suggest that this cannabinoid provides similar benefits to CBD, so we're excited to see more companies selling CBG products.  Ropana Wellness also have a CBD topical range which you can check out. This includes CBD salves, a product which more and more companies seem to be stocking (including Honest Hemp and Joy Organics).

What are the RopaNa Wellness reviews like?

RopaNa Wellness collect reviews on their product pages which is really useful as you can check reviews for specific products rather than seeing reviews for the company as a whole. Their Entourage oil is currently sitting with a 5-star rating and overall customers seem really happy with the product. You can also check out reviews for RopaNa Wellness on their Google profile and on Facebook, where again they've got a perfect 5-star rating. Overall these guys have been very positively reviewed and we're impressed.

In Conclusion

Hopefully our US based readers will check these guys out, especially for those full-spectrum oils! Enjoyed that review? We've also reviewed CannabiGold, Ma CBD, Healthspan CBD and CBD Asylum.


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