Rolling Trays UK

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Updated August 21st 2021

Rolling Trays are a key part of any cannabis connoisseurs kit, especially if they want to make sure their stash stays neat and tidy. We thought it would be useful to outline what exactly rolling trays are used for, and our favourites. Let's get into it:

What are rolling trays?

In short, rolling trays are used to make rolling joints easier. These could be made from materials such as metal, acrylic, glass or even wood. The type of material used for the try isn't too important, and most people seem to care more about the design on the tray than anything else.
The one type of tray that we get really excited about would be glow trays. These use LED lighting to make it really easy for you to see your joint as you roll it.
Now let's take a look at a couple of our favourite rolling trays:

What are our favourite rolling trays?

We always prefer rolling trays made from plastic, as they tend to be cheaper but they're also pretty sturdy. It can be really nice to have a few more expensive trays within your collection, but our go to would always be a plastic rolling tray.

In Conclusion

As we mentioned, you'd be mad not to have a rolling tray as part of your kit. Hopefully, our guide has helped you choose a suitable tray!


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