Purple Punch Strain

Strain | Indica

Cannabinoids | THC (18%) | CBD (1%)

Terpenes | Caryophyllene, Mycene, Pinene

Purple Punch

Purple Punch Terpene Profile


Purple Punch Weed Strain Info

The world famous Purple punch strain is an indica heavyweight. If you’re an Indica fan and you have yet to try Purple Punch, then you have something special to look forward to. The strain itself is a cross between between Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple. The name comes two things: the fact that this strain is known for its calming effects (and colour purple) but it still hits like a ‘mack-truck’. Although there is still a small amount of CBD, the Purple Punch is known for its high THC potency and should be handled with care by less experienced users.

The flavours are also said to ‘punch you in the face’ with a sharp fruity sweetness which leaves a long lasting herbal vanilla flavour in the mouth. The strain is very reminiscent of Raspberry Cookies which has a similar fruity sharpness with a creamy finish. The fruity flavours are partly why this strain is so popular and one for those who enjoy like to chase terpenes.

The buds are similar to the taste which is a strong purple bud with red pistils. The buds are dense, short and stubby much like the classic indica strains. You should expect the buds to also be sticky and covered in creamy trichomes. 

As you may expect, the high is a very potent and you can feel right away. Boom. Like a punch in the back of the head. The high is very intense and although starts very heady it moves down into the body to leaves you feeling very sedated. It is a really woozy feeling that may be disorienting for new users. The stain is therefore perfect for just before bed as the Purple Punch will literally knock you out. It is the perfect strain to inhale and  curl up on the rug or put on the TV. If you are looking for a Purple Punch strain to completely zone out then the purple punch is for you. 

The strains have high levels of THC (between 18% – 25%) and very low levels of CBD which means that this strain is particularly potent. You should be aware that there are potential negative side effects which come with high THC strains- the list of noted effects are as below: 

  • Dry eyes
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Paranoid
  • Anxiety

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